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  1. Good One Alf, if you use the http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/script/feskydomegenerator light dome mel script with maya you will get a great looking GI effect with a very inexpensive render. Just 'attribute spreadsheet' the dome group to change the intensity all at once.
  2. Bump so this comment gets it's due accolades!
  3. I think you should look at this as your opportunity to advance your career. Since there are too few post shops in the area, why don't you start one? 16 years is enough to know how a shop is run. That region (Buffalo included) has had an incredible health and bio-science boom. Health may not be the sexiest option, but it would pay the bills.
  4. Thanks everybody for the conversation and sorry to be absent on my own thread. I've been crushed over here. To the SF crew, i couldn't agree more. I don't know exactly when gaming creating became so visually friendly. The whole industry is is starting to push out the developers out making it easier for us designers/animations to create more. You will always need your hard-core programmers but goddamn i love the way this is growing. Jmont, I did meet up with the client and although they were incredibly intrigued by the idea of a video game-style training, they will probably opt for either a desktop standalone, or for a tablet app since they now see the power behind that. They are looking for a non language based visual training that is quite indepth to train their soldiers in the field. I'll probably go html 5 that will trigger 3D animations as they touch with some extra bells and whistles. Now, anybody fluent in Motionbuilder?
  5. Thanks vozzz. I did see the training on digital tutors, but learning how to develop gaming probably won't be an option with the time contraints. After looking at all the possiblities on the UNITY site, man what an untapped resource. Motion designers could create some havock with that.
  6. Since you are all such an eclectic group, I thought I would reach out to you first. I have a client interested in some simulation training with their product. I know Unity is a very (and getting even more-so) popular online app and game engine but other than that my knowledge is quite limited. I am a 3D animator and motion designer with passable scripting knowledge (probably like most of you) but game engine coding is beyond me. I guess my questions are have any of you come across a project like this and what solutions did you come up with? Are there any other decent software options to get by with hacked/scripts? Do any of you have first person simulation developing experience and would be willing to possible partner with me on this project?
  7. After I discovered how powerful the apps for Digital Publishing are, it was an easy choice for me to get the subscription. I bought an iPad, create incredible pitches with DPS, and I have not lost one since. That pays many times over for my subscription.
  8. No matter what file you come up with, write an autorun script with it so it will play as soon as they plug in the drive. No need to make them search around for it.
  9. I'm not sure if this is linked anymore anywhere, but Shilo made the spot you are referring to and the spot was called cash-169.mov. It was for a video game i believe.
  10. Hey Basic, I was refraining from answering because I do not have a great answer for you but there is a workaround that i use sometimes for making markers in Maya. Import the audio using the trax editor, which will give you much more control in the size of the waveform. Then I usually just group my audio node and then set keyframes on an irrelevant property, (ie visibility) and use those keys as markers for my animation.
  11. One of my favorites: http://thecuriousbrain.com/
  12. You could add an operation to your shader group that basically tells the camera, "use this shader if camera is 0-90 degrees, otherwise use this shader"?
  13. the biggest issue going from TV to print is resolution. If you create a graphic is AE, the resolution is going to be 72 dpi where in the print world the minimum is 300 dpi. It doesn't matter how perfect your Ae psd export is, the graphic will still need to be scaled up to about 400% to get the desired resolution for print standards.
  14. try going into the dynamic relationship editor and making sure that the cube (like the sphere) is connected to the gravity field.
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