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  1. BrandonRidge

    New Reel

    Here's my new reel. Let me know what you think. http://vimeo.com/30654029
  2. Just finished putting together a short reel of the work I did for a high school football GFX package. I had a lot of fun doing it. The client is happy and just made market 104 look a lot bigger. Compilation: Show Open:
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback, I agree with most of the comments, and will be keeping that in mind when I get to update my reel again. Thankfully this cut did the trick and I should be working with the company I was referring to here shortly.
  4. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate all of it.
  5. Binky, Thanks for your input. I actually posted a reel a year or so ago that you gave me some feedback on, and it was much, much worse then, and I took those words at the time to heart and I've been working hard ever since to improve my skills, including going back to school and I am about to finish a design degree. I fully grasp that I am a jr. artist but I have a real passion to grow and continue to find ways to create motion graphics work. I hope that in another year or so when I post another reel, you'll be here to keep me in check and my work will be that much better then. Thanks Brandon
  6. It seems really long, most show opens are not that long, but maybe the client wanted it this length? The spinning monitor objects are a little overkill to be spinning like that all of the time. Also, you're never able to see the footage that's in the monitor object that well. Despite the running time, the one piece of advice that I can give is make every shot mean/do something, don't just move objects or the camera just to do it. You definitely have the skills to make something look really sexy but I think the overall concept is lacking. If you were to take shots from what you have and lay it out as a storyboard, would anyone understand what the piece is supposed to be or do? I hope that helps. Brandon
  7. Robby: Thanks for the feedback, it helped give me insight on what needs work and what you thought were my stronger pieces. I appreciate it. My plan is to work for a company that does network/show branding so if anyone has any feedback that will help me land in a position like that I would appreciate it. There's one company in particular that I plan on sending it to this coming week so some quick response would be awesome. Thanks Brandon
  8. Here is my new reel I just finished, let me know your thoughts. Brandon Ridge
  9. BrandonRidge

    Thomas Heckel

    You've got some really solid work in the reel. I'll just give you a few pointers. You might want to make the reel a bit shorter only keep your best stuff. Here are a few pieces that I felt took away from your best stuff. The pictures of the people after the citizens rejected title didn't do a lot for me. The city shots with the soccer ball and confetti is not up to par with your other work. Also the last couple of shots with the opera national and the blue flames with green smoke didn't do much for your reel either. Those were the biggest things I saw. Hope that helps. Brandon
  10. Thanks for your thoughts. I have implemented some of them and am rendering as we speak. The tornado itself took so long to render 35hrs!(Pyrocluster bogs down my machine, brand new MAC Pro quad core doesn't work so fast with C4D 10.5, I hope to upgrade soon) Because of the slow render I'm not going to change the shape itself, at least for now, later when I have less going on I might be able to afford a new render but I think the suggestions given in other areas will help the overall piece. Thanks Brandon
  11. I think it looks pretty good. The "Learning, insights, and knowledge" feels a little just tacked on at the end. The animation overall feels a bit linear as well. If you make the growing letters feel a bit more organic it might make it pop a little more. Brandon
  12. I'm working on a tornado animation and would like your thoughts. It's to be used in an upcoming promo. When creating the animation I wanted to make something that looked convincing. Let me know if I succeeded. Thanks Brandon
  13. Thanks for that feedback. None of this is from a tutorial but some of it is however from the five second projects that Nick Campbell hosts. I'm always trying to expand my knowledge of aspects of design. What about the typography don't you like specifically?
  14. Here is my motion reel for 2010. I had posted a reel last year that had a lot of stuff that I did for a local TV station and also fake ads for major brands, but with the feedback I got, I eliminated most of that content and started from scratch. I would love to hear some feedback of where the reel is now, I'm not going to post the old reel and I'm not looking for a comparison, I want to know how my current work stands on its own. So with that said, let me know what you think... http://vimeo.com/5517746 Thanks Brandon Ridge www.brandonridge.tv
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