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  1. Hey. Any Mographers here live in Portland and ride road bikes?
  2. I haven't even had the time to contact people yet. Flew in yesterday! Gonna take it slow over the next week or two and see what happens!
  3. Hey everyone! So I finally moved into Portland. I'd love to meet up and grab some beer or some coffee. Also would love to link up with any designers or motion designers that like to ride bikes before work! Cheers.
  4. I am beyond excited. Thanks for the info. Will be visiting in December to check things out and soak it all in. Whats the average rate in Portland for freelancers? Are more studios looking for freelancers or for employees?
  5. Wow. Thanks Fred! It's great to know there is work out there. Thanks for all the info on neighborhoods. I cycle 100 - 175 miles a week and love to ride BMX every now and again. So I am pretty excited about cycling in Portland. I'll keep the forum updated.
  6. Hey. It's been awhile. My wife and I are looking into moving to Portland Oregon sometime in May of 2014. I am curious to know what the job market is like. Is the market over saturated? Where should we look for apartments? We'd love to either live downtown in some cool place or the complete opposite and live somewhere in the woods but close to a train. Any ideas on what neighborhoods to search using Craigslist? Basically anything will help and be extremely useful as we start moving forward with this plan. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  7. I am not even going to bother with Cineware until a studio forces me to use it. I wish it worked with Photoshop. Seems like it would be rad for making boards though.
  8. Rad. I am down the block in Boerum Hill. Hopefully you get your bike soon so we get those early morning sessions going. The LES skatepark is pretty rad.
  9. Sounds good. I just ordered a Solid. Pretty excited.
  10. LES skatepark Thursday morning. 7am. Maybe see you there. Pre work session.
  11. I found a free program called GPS Babel that will export the .GPX file to various formats. My buddy was telling me that there is some cool stuff you can do with Processing and there seems to be a lot of resources as well. There has to be away though.
  12. I want a Surly Cross Check hella bad. I recently built up an Affinity 212 you can see here. I also have a pretty detailed build thread up on velospace you can see here.
  13. Hey anyone have experience importing GPX data into Cinema 4d?
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