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    My names Matt. Currently attending WCC in Bellingham, WA. I'm your average dude who enjoys some good old fashioned skateboarding, guitar, and halo. I am an aspiring motion designer!
  1. Hey guys, just looking for some hardcore critiques from you all. I posted a while ago and now just put together a newish reel of personal stuff from the past few months. Trying to get better so be brutal. Thanks. Reel
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    Thank you for the advice! Yeah I realize I depended a little too much on the audio to make it all come together, and now that you point out my typography flaws I realize I threw in pretty boring stuff especially the blue and white type. I will start studying more design techniques and keep truckin' along. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
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    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Well here's my reel of work done in the past few months. Hopefully I can get some good feedback from you guys since you are the motion masters. Be brutal please, I am a student (although not in a graphic design program, actually the closest class I've taken to help me out probably was an Art of Color class...) So as of now I guess motion graphics is just a hobby of mine, but I would really like to make a career of it. Right now it's all personal projects and obviously my work is far from getting me a job, but thats why I need you guys! Thanks in advance. http://vimeo.com/10049687
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