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    Currently, I am studying "timebased media" at the FH Mainz in Germany, where I will get a bachelor of arts degree. I am looking forward to be a 3D Artist, who specifies in texturing and lighting. I also want to have some core <br /> competencies in stereoscopic 3D film making. At the Moment I am a media generalist who's interested in everything.<br /> <br /> In future I would like to work on fictional 3D movies made for the cinema screen. But I am also interested in the gaming <br /> industry, because I think games will unify all fine arts someday - just like film did the century before. So I am aiming to <br /> give more film sense to the gaming industry.<br /> <br /> But I don't want to plan too much, because at the end only fortuity will decide wich way I might go. 
  1. Hey guys, since I've stopped developing my SV Stereo Rig PRO any further, I've decided to put it up for free! Download it here: http://svoigt.net/index.php/sv-stereo-rig-pro Have fun with it! best regards, Stefan Voigt
  2. Hey there, I've created a professional solution to create stereoscopic movies in Cinema 4D (R10 - R12). See the link below. There is also an old and free version available, if you scroll down. features: pixel parallax & depth bracket floating frames off axis setup optional parallel or toed-in setup image width & FOV calculator for parallel setup depth score calculator only one camera to re-render anaglyph preview in black and white, full color & optimized anaglyph (down to release 10 or lower) easy camera replacement SV Viewfinder included Pay only 60 €, when purchasing within this month! Get it at www.svoigt.net And here is the free solution, if you want to experiment first: And also make sure to checkout my tutorials on stereoscopy! best regards and always happy about feedback Stefan Voigt
  3. Hey there, I've created the SV Stereo Rig for Cinema 4D and want to share it with you. So have fun with it! Here is the link: http://www.svoigt.ne...g-for-cinema-4d You can find a feature list and a "how to use" presentation behind the link. other useful tools: Stereoscopic Player (for previews) - http://3dtv.at/Downloads/Index_de.aspx optimized Anaglyph Plug-In for After Effects - http://davidshelton.de/blog/?p=163 best regards, Stefan
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