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  1. I used ambient occlusion and there is no difference at all (see picture below). the problem is that when using ambient occlusion you need an object with a more complex structure than a cube or at least something else around casting shadows. in case of a single object with a flat surface like a cube you still don't see the details with AO.
  2. thanks for your replies guys. @magictea: you're right...GI is not the best way to light an object that has to keep a specific colour tone and is way too slow to render. nick from "greyscalegorilla.com" had a great tipp concerning that: when using the luminance channel ..additionaly you can add a fresnel shader where the colors slightly differ from each other. this way you still stay in your color tone overall but since you have a tiny gradient in your fresnel shader you can still see some details of the object!
  3. i meant the "luminance" channel sorry. in the material editor i just enable the luminance (which is white by default) and put the texture on the sphere.
  4. hi mike! thx for your reply! im actually using global illumination by scaling a large sphere around the scene and put a glow texture on it!
  5. Hi! when you create a 3d-animation and/or object for a client one of the most essential issues is to preserve the original colors of the product. Especially when it comes to logos, signs etc.. I use Cinema 4D and I usually have a hard time to achieve this with normal lighting. Therefore it seems that global illumination is a great way to preserve the original colors of an object. my problem is, that the lighting of GI is so even that you loose the details of the objects edges (see picture). Is there a way to achieve even lighting to keep the colors (and so be faithfull to the customers CI) AND to accentuate details of an object ?
  6. hi dave! thanks a lot for your feedback. 2-3 elements of this showreel are indeed inspired from tutorials. i thought it was ok since i still realised those shots by myself and also varied them with own ideas, other products etc. but maybe you're right...if its still too obvious i should consider ditching those scenes.
  7. Hi guys! since this is my first post here.. a link to my showreel would be a good way to start http://www.vimeo.com/7312013 Can't wait to hear your comments and thoughts about it! Cheers Twist
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