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  1. Hey guys. I present my student thesis from Parsons: The New School of Design. Any critiques and comments are more than welcome. Thanks!
  2. Hey Mograph kids! Just finished this piece I animated for Kidrobot's DIY Munny. I would love to hear everyone's totally honest feedback. So check it out here: P.S. Before anyone tries to sue me or anything, this was simply a class project that I did at Parsons: New School of Design. Not making any money off of this. THANKS Magnus Atom magnusatom.com
  3. Hey thanks. Yeah, I also had mixed feelings about the opening and think I'm going to redo it. And that one spot where the snow particular seems off: I guess it does look a bit weird out of context, but it was supposed to be from this animation where everything looks like pieces of paper. But I digress. Thanks for the feedback
  4. Hey mograph, I'm a sophomore (turning junior) at Parsons: The New School of Design, and I've just finished my first motion showreel. Any and all comments/ feedback are always welcome. Thanks! Link to Reel: http://vimeo.com/12339805
  5. Hey everybody I really appreciate the great feedback. I'll definitely check out Nick Campbell's reel critiques. I had actually made this a few months ago and since then I've made a few new pieces. So I will start on a new reel asap.
  6. Hi there, my name is Magnus Atom, I'm a sophomore at Parsons: The New School of Design in New York City, and I'd love to hear a little feedback for my all new motion reel. Any type of feedback would be great. Thanks! http://magnusatom.co...otion_reel.html
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