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  1. Same problems here! I used it for a long time with my Macbook Pro (2x2.8 Ghz) and thought that the weak cpu was responsible for the crashes but even with a new system (i7 - 8x 3,8 ghz - 6 GB) it crashes from time to time. I still think it is a great programm you just have to save a lot more than in other programs.
  2. Thanks guys for your help. I am diong it like J Montreuil explained it. I was hoping for a way which would allow me to skip the step with the Track Matte in After Effects and pre-comping them but it works fine this way too. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, I am having a had time to figure out Mutli Pass Renders with Cinema 4D. I tried to find some good tutorials but i could not find one which made me understand how it works. I want to add a graphic between the background and my objects in After Effects after i am done in Cinema 4D. What I did so far is i put a Composition Tag on each object i want to seperate and give each a different object Buffer. In my render settings I check the Mutli Pass Render option and add my object buffers. Now it gives me my normal Tiff Sequence and some Alpha Mattes. I then open the .aec file from cinema 4d in After effects. The only way i can get a result is when I copy my tiff sequence as often as how many different Alpha Mattes I have. Then i put underneath each sequence the alpha Matte and choose "luma Matte" in the Track Matte drop down menu. But does not give me the result I want. What am I doing wrong? Can i choose an option wich will give me the objects already with an alpha channel? So i can just drop them into after effects and have for each object a different layer with an alpha channel? No Background, other objects and so on.... Thanks!
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