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  1. Very cool! You where fast! Did you use City Kit? What machine did you render it? (and how long took it?) Thanks!
  2. You can do it with GI or test with a light dome (look for it at helloluxx- build it with mograph). Basically they used simple materials with no reflection and a really really soft spec highlight or no specular. Try with that and post the results...
  3. Hello vozzz. It's in my plans. For this year, buy a mac pro, because my old pc is begging for retirement. For the first semester of 2012 (and before the end of the world ) a blog about design, houdini, drawing and perhaps some math, to use with animation (I'm a mathematician). Don't wanna copy GSG, but I wanna make with the same quality.
  4. I'm certain that most of you make crazy stuff with other packages. I don't see any reason to be scared. It just take some time to learn, just like other apps. Houdini is most used in vfx industry, but I love to use it to make motion graphics. The procedural way rocks when you need to change something. The teaser was a crap, I know, but I wanna know the render time of that video. Smoke and great reflections take a lot of time to render. But talking about cinema, maxon should build a version of mograph for particles and fluid stuff. That would rock!
  5. I thought that too when I started using it. I think the problem in the beginning is the expressions, but for someone that uses expressions in after, thats not a big deal. For those who use expresso in c4d, the node based way houdini works is not difficult at all! I gotta say that the only thing that I need them to change is the way beveling works, with fonts and with illustrator files. The procedural way it works is awesome. And particles really rocks- I quit using cinema because of TP. Lots of headaches because of it! haha. But in the end, it's a matter of personal taste. The node way works better for me. About the teaser, i think it could be a lot better too!! hahaha.
  6. Hello guys! I think most of you use c4d, but anyway, yesterday SideFX previewed the 12ª version of Houdini at SIGGRAPH. We, at every software update, hope for better performance, and they've listened. A totally redesigned engine to speed up the creative process. Very hardcore stuff. See more at the sidefx website. Here's the teaser:
  7. Very cool Vector! Great work man! Keep sharing this cool videos with us!
  8. Hey man, sorry for the question, but I have to ask: is the circle precomped? What resolution are you working with?
  9. Cool! The sound was great too. I saw that you did it. Well done!
  10. Hello! Well done man, that was great. How did you do the transitions with the camera shake?
  11. Great advice guys. But I would vectorize it in illustrator. But I think the sub-d gonna be faster!
  12. gui

    Reel Critique

    Hello DerekTS. I think there is too many things from tutorials. Here I can say the one from ford comes from videocopilot, one the typographie one from gsg and there goes on... There some animations that you could improve- just more care on your keyframes. Like the running and relaxing stuff- for me it's just too hard. You could use some overshoot there. That bauhaus it's too hard for me too, but I think there is no space for overshoot. The tvs would look more cool if the screen was animated, not just a still frame. The one from mtv could use a ground plane with some sorte of shadow matte for the shadows on the floor. There is a tut for that at gsg... And there goes on... the good think is that our work can always be improved! I hope it helps! (and sorry for the poor english!)
  13. hello hexameta! Man, they are desapearing in the render or in the viewport? Did you make some changes in the alpha of the pyro?
  14. Hello! Man, I had some problems with stage before, just like you. Did ae imported all the cameras? Try to do that and change the in's and out's of the cameras, just like you keyframed in the stage object to change them. If that doesn't work, try to make a cam in cinema that mimic the camera of the stage object (just copy the keys of all the cameras to one) and use that just to export to ae. See if one of those work for you... --------- dan_hin I used the stage objects to change the cameras in one projects because I was using motion blur. If u use mb, the abrupt changes in camera mess up things. If u change the camera using the stage, it doesnt compute mb to that change.
  15. Thanks man! I will check it out, but already looks awesome!
  16. gui


    Hello! I'm a houdini beginner. I started using c4d but from 2 months ago I started using it. And I'm loving. It is powerful enough to handle motion graphics but some times it takes more time to do something you can do very fast in cinema. The great part of it is the way it works: procedurally. And you can make tools made of it's nodes and reuse it. This is a very efficient way of work. But I think c4d is most used in broadcast than houdini, so this is something you must think about. As someone said and I agree: design first, app second.
  17. gui

    First reel

    Opa, fala Bernardo! Mais um brasileiro aqui! rsrs. Cara, sou iniciante em motion design, mas minha opinião é q ficou um pouco longa. Vc tem uns trabalhos bem legais cara. Sou de sp e estou começando a trabalhar como freelancer tb. Qquer coisa, fique a vontade pra me mandar msg pra conversar! é sempre bom conhecer brasileiros da área! Abraço, guilherme. ----------------------- Sorry for the portuguese language! But it's not every time i can speak with someone here in portuguese. I was just saying that I thought his reel was a bit long, but I really liked it!
  18. Man, thats the standard behavior of the matrix generating tp, once you change its group, the matrix generates new particles. I dont know if there is an way to change or bypass that. What you can do is use, i think, the getvolumeposition node to get a random position inside a cube to generate the particles. Just generate particles using pstorm conected with the surface to make the particles stay inside de cube. I think it will do. Dont forget to use a timer node to stop creating particles. I hope it helps!
  19. I agree, but that's not a tutorial problem, that's a bad designer problem! What I like in nick's tutorials is this trial and error stuff, just to try to accomplish new things and learn more about the tool. Its not always about make a new or great design, but about to learn c4d too....
  20. Me too! that's gonna be awesome!
  21. I hate standard emitters... tp is so much better!
  22. Man, if you dont want to extrude, than i dont know what you want. Please explain better your needs. thanks!
  23. Thanks man! that really helped! It wasnt working in R12!!!
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