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  1. Just finished a new reel. Take a look, criticisms appreciated! (binky?) Thanks!
  2. Hey, have an issue. Im trying to develop some animations that will span across 2 large LED screens that are stacked vertically. (both 1920x1080) The "primary" content will be on the top screen, and the bottom screen will be used more for texture. (people and podiums will be obstructing that screen) Basically, in C4D i am changing the resolution to 1920x2160 to accommodate the vertical aspect ratio, and then using the cameras "film offset - y" to shift the main content into the upper portion of the frame. However this doesnt translate to aftereffects for compositing! Any help? I searched and came across this post: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=27580&hl=%2Bfilm+%2Boffset Which led me to cgsocieity http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=903076 which led me to a broken link of a possible solution. Sort of understand the procedure he did, but not fluent enough in xpresso or COFFEE to do it myself. Thoughts? have there been any solutions since then? Thanks
  3. my bad!, just re-read it, haha thanks man! thats a big dud on my part. had the solution earlier
  4. holy shit, THANK YOU theres one reason why sometimes i should go through the menus and not just the keyboard shortcuts. I can miss a lot of things like that!
  5. Thats what im doing now, and after i fit to comp > i manually change the X value (so it matches the Y value of that layer) to have its original aspect ratio. But i cannot quickly "unlink" the X-Y scale properties. i have to click on each scale properties chain icon individually. I cannot do anything like select-all > unlink, it doesnt work.
  6. Is there a way to "batch" unlink the x,y property for scale? I'm going to be having a lot of layers to do this for, but i cannot just select all my layers and unlink. (it only unlinks it per layer), so id have to do it manually. Anyone have any ideas? To give you a idea what im trying to do: I have hundred of image assets of all different resolution sizes. I want to make them all the same size on screen (same size along the Y axis at least) Normally with a few i just, select all, cmd-alt-F (fit to comp) and unlink the scale property and then copy the Y scale value and paste it to the X property. This makes all my images the same length in Y. Would there be a better way of doing this? Thanks
  7. Im going to have to agree with vozzz, they dont seem all that similar to myself. theres obviously a heavy use of that rounded line in your piece, which in their's is used differently (and less intricately). But i doubt its a unique design element you made first. The glitch effect, well thats certainly been done many times before. (and also quite different from yours) Besides the music and both pieces starting off with the glitchy effect. They don't seem like they're copying you.
  8. Just finished this up, and would like to share! 2014 KeyArtAwards GFX Show Open.
  9. oh wow thanks! I thought i was missing something, didnt know the exchange plugin lived there. I've always followed this plugins list: http://www.maxon.net/en/support/updates/plugins.html Thanks again!
  10. appreciate the offer! however the file i supplied is a seriously cut-down example. But i do have a workaround by opening up the project file in R15, and exporting the AEC compositing file from there, which works. (all i need is the 3D data anyway) So i dont think theres a need to bake my camera. I was primarily posting to inquire if this was an isolated issue that only i am having..... or an actual "bug" with R16. or if anyone knew if an R16 exchange plugin was coming out (or available) (their website only has up to r14/r15)
  11. Just tried it now, and still same issue. it works fine if i animate the camera directly with the psr keyframes. heres an example of how my project is roughly setup https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/c98386ffa2e7933f6b7cdbf8c6845b9920141007155419/a5b93a499f6170282b8a9a8aa65310fd20141007155419/4ae325
  12. Feel like im just running into issues now after upgrading to R16 lol Is there a release on the horizon for R16 exchange plugin? so i can import my AEC files (form R16) into after effects? Right now im opening my projects in r15, and exporting the AEC from there... lame workaround. I also tried to import the .C4D file itself and using cineware, but my camera comes in without being animated, (its using an align to spline tag for its animation in the project) so thats not really a solution.
  13. Im not sure if i set something up incorrectly, but i am having an issue with team render r16, not creating jobs automatically when i move my project folder into my user folder in the repository path. It is to my knowledge and to the help file that when i save my project file (along with textures) to the repository path, ( users / admin folder) that it would automicatlly add this job to the job list on the web interface (as well as make the necessary, job.ini, job.log files, and results folder) Just like how it use to behave with netrender on r14 and prior. Essentially that doesnt happen, and i am forced to use the web interface to create my jobs first, then upload the files. According to all the documentation i am reading however, this shouldnt be the case. Any ideas / help?
  14. Encity

    Another new site

    Thanks!, theyre just animated GIFs
  15. Encity

    Another new site

    Got around to re-doing my portfolio website. Working FT atm, so hard to squeeze in the time for personal projects. Glad to have gotten this done. Next up, is tackling my outdated reel. Thoughts / criticisms is appreciated. http://jeffman.tv
  16. Encity

    New Site/Reel

    Reel looks great! and love the website layout.
  17. Has anyone read any news regarding this? http://www.maxon.net/en/news/press-releases/singleview/article/maxon-announces-partnership-with-side-effects-software.html Any thoughts? i've always thought about learning houdini, and now it seems like its reinforcing that idea.
  18. effects masks - sounds handy! what about selecting a matte layer instead? could help us avoid needing multiple matte layers by doing so... (yes i submitted a feature request a while ago =)
  19. i couldnt get RVA's method to work, but i could be doing it wrong.. it gave me "After Effects Warning: invalid numeric result (divide by zero?) Expression disabled" I did it another way, but it probaby isnt clean, i had 4 text layers. 2 with the brackets, and one with the expression tied to the slider. i hid those, and created a 4th text layer parenting the source text to each of the other 3 layers source text and that worked for me
  20. it was one continuous camera move. I had my camera a child of a circle spline. The spline controlled the rotation and Y position. while my camera managed its Z position and camera rotation. keyframes began to get a bit sloppy towards the end. =/ I'm sure it couldve been done cleaner. (im on R13)
  21. thanks for the tip! have you noticed how much working speed improvement overclocking has given you? (apologies if im thread jacking)
  22. yep, luminance materials, some with slight transparency, no GI, used an hdri image on a sky just for the reflections.
  23. ah.. 47__ and 49__ are two different architectures. 4770k is haswell while 4930k are actually ivybridge-E The ivybridge-e platform overclocks pretty well not as well as the sandybridge series however (3XXX) but they are faster per clock Haswells are the one that dont overclock well and run hotter. However they are the fastest per clock. I'll be overclocking mine, but i just built it, so im trying to enjoy it first.
  24. Just a correction, but 4770 is the latest consumer haswell cpu. I dont think ivybridge supports thunderbolt either.
  25. Hey AromaKat, Any particular reason you recommend the 3730k and not the 4930k? (prices seem about similar, newegg currently has an email promo on the 4930k if your subscribed) I just built myself a new workstation with the 4930k and the Asus x79 deluxe Rampage was getting pricey for myself and pixel_pimp did say he was looking to stay around 1500-1600.
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