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    My name is Joe Lea and I am a traditional 2d Animator. I have been working within the film and animation industry in London for just over 2 years and have recently gone freelance. I am fluent in After Effects, Flash (as a animation tool), Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro, but I am at my happiest sitting at my light box with a wad of paper, a clutch of pencils scribbling away at animations.
  1. joelea

    Joe Lea Showreel

    Hi Guys My name is Joe and I am a freelance animator working in London just trying to drum up some work as things have gone quiet check it out https://vimeo.com/51316985 www.joelea.tv
  2. looking for work

  3. Hi fellow Mograph users I have just launched my new reel which you can check out here Joe Lea 2010 Showreel any feedback and comments would be highly appreciated and if you like my work you can contact me on jam_eq@hotmail.com for freelance work cheers
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