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  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know I updated this years pack to include 2 new star ornaments! Enjoy and happy holidays! Link to download pack
  2. Mavericks enables you to really get your point across on message boards. No problems over here either, although I'm not sure I like the whole not being able to hit spacebar and preview animation files with Quicktime.
  3. Everything works fine for me. One issue I have found though and I think Maxon is addressing is problems with Xref's and rendering with Team Render. I even had a render farm give me issues, but you'd think Maxon's own render farm solution would be compatible with it's own XRef system. For the render farm, I had to make all Xref's editable objects, basically removing all XRef functionality and just making it a normal object. For Team Render, I tried rendering as a generator and that didn't work, gave me a texture error. Meanwhile if i rendered normally, I was given no texture errors and the render came out just fine. So all in all, issues you could find with R15 are TeamRender, and with CC is Cineware with certain features not being supported such as Sketch & Toon, Cel Shader to name a couple of things. In my opinion, CC is worth the upgrade just for the small but soon to be heavily used workflow enhancements that will come out in 12.1. Adobe has lived up to it's promise of their team now being able to spend time on these smaller features and pushing out updates every few months rather than big new features that I feel many people don't use much.
  4. "Fix Bounding Box" usually helps a lot of jumping issues for me. Spline Wrap is a bit finicky.
  5. Agree, TR has a loooong way to go before I call it awesome. For small projects, it's been brilliant, but for larger projects with multiple scenes it's been less effective. Now I barely ever used NetRender just because it was always a pain to set up and had many glitches. One of the major downsides has been the few occasions that has happened quite a bit this past week working on a large project is I'll be rendering on TR, and my main computer will crash, but the Client computer will keep rendering it's currently assigned block of frames, but once it's done with those frames, it stops. So for me to start up the render again, TR is a pain because I'll need to then render in frame chunks, say 55-200, and then 350-450. TR would be awesome if it detected which frames still needed to be rendered from a sequence and pick up where it left off. TR is a great start but I feel like they pulled an Apple & Final Cut X. Made it easier overall, but a lot of functionality is missing. I know they're hard at work improving TR, but for people who work in teams, TR is a step backwards.
  6. Thanks, be sure to check out the Volume 2 pack with more goodness!
  7. Always wanted an easy "Time Remapping" workflow in Cinema 4D like in After Effects like this! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for being one of the only people who carried their camera everywhere and got some amazing shots! Darrin's crappy cell phone pics just don't do much justice haha.
  9. Very cool! Definitely adding that to my list of things to see!
  10. All the info is right here: http://c4dlive.com/ Hope to see you there!
  11. First thing I thought was this would work as a background visualization at a concert where this song being performed, but for sole use as a music video, I agree with other posters on here that it doesn't hold up in that medium. Keep on keepin on!
  12. Was working with a scene file just yesterday that added bright hot spots on geometry with no lights in the scene, no Luminance on materials or glow, nothing, and there were what appeared to be light spots/glows/photons showing up on a piece of geometry using GI QMC+IR. If I deleted the object (which was essentially a cube) the light went away. Very odd.
  13. Very odd, but I'm on a Mac OSX 10.6 NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT and it's rendering fine with these settings: Sample: Adaptive Sampler Subdivision: 2 Shading Sub Min: 2 Shading Sub Max: 2 Error Threshold: 20%
  14. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing that tip, Kyle!
  15. Don’t be limited by the Convex, Linear, and Engraved Filet Cap edges in MoType anymore. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use a different fast and easy method to unlock more potential in your text designs in Cinema 4D. http://eyedesyn.com/...t-edge-effects/
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