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  1. Shin-Kaiser

    Dance moves

    I love animation, I love music! put them both together and..... Check out my latest 15 second animation here, critique and questions welcome
  2. Thanks for your comments - much appreciated!
  3. ...Check these out, a bunch of walk cycles I made to improve my animation skills. Let me know what you think: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31956435/A-Walk-cycle-a-Day
  4. Hey there, I modelled and rigged a Spider-Man character a while ago, finally got round to animation it only to find that i rigged it really badly! Oh well, you live and learn I suppose! take a look here at what I achieved, all comments welcome! Thanks for watching!!
  5. Been messing around with CMotion and animation in Cinema 4D. The animation isn't quite finessed but it's a start, any feedback welcome:
  6. Thanks guys, I do a Thanks guys, I do appreciate your advice. I was actually going for a simple "cartoon like" style, rather than ultra realistic (hence the no shadows) but I'll bear that in mind for future projects. and to RVA8, cheers dude! You've just brightened up my day
  7. Messing with the mograph module in cinema 4D. I hope you like it, all comments welcome.
  8. Hi there, I was experimenting a bit with the mograph module in Cinema 4D, I've mapped cubes to a predefined spline, randomised the position and scale of the cubes and set an offset on the position so they all come in place when I run a falloff object along them. Let me know if that all makes sense or not, Happy that you like it - Thanks!!
  9. Playing around with the mograph module in Cinema 4D. Happy to let you all know how I got on if you're interested. Feel free to critique as you wish:
  10. Hi all, Here's a link to my latest animation, it's a short, sharp take on those silly things we used to sing as kids...well I used to anyway! Please watch, enjoy and feel free to critique. Please share if you like http://vimeo.com/56895980
  11. Thanks daveglanz, I do see your point, I will consider making a shorter cut. Cheers!
  12. Hi guys, I want to create a motion piece with a lot of luid movement and 'vector like' imagery in after effects. I've noticed this style is used a lot by 'Sebastian Bap' and 'Psyop' for their google ads. take a look here for examples: What I'd like to know is - how did they get such fluid motion and movement of their graphics. In the 'pull and bear' clip there seams to be objects with straight edges, bending as if they were elastic. they don't looks like plugins or effects have been used, but maybe scripted? Can anyone shed some light onto how they were made? Thanks!
  13. Hi Carlespy, Thanks for your comments, they're duly noted. I agree with the lingering aspect of the video. I guess I tried to make it so the viewer is interested enough for it not to notice but hey! The video is a mixture of both 2d and 3d. All the characters are 2D and there are a few scenes that are totally 3D. There are also a few scenes that are both 3D (the background and vehicles) and 2D (the characters) together in one. I took some time to integrate the two. Thanks! I'm glad you like it
  14. Hi all, Here's a recently finished piece of work, it's an animation for my friends band and I'm very proud as I wrote and created the entire thing It took me AAAAGES! Though I did use it as an opportunity to get to grips with cinema 4D, i'll probably be doing more 3D work now. Tell me what you think - and be brutal! http://www.vimeo.com/20280920 ~Enjoy!
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