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  1. ooow, haven't been here for a long time. sorry guys. Raphael Rau has put a small library on his website with some really pretty R16 materials using the new Reflectance Channel. The Pack contains: Material Preview scene Materials and Textures Aluminum, Car Paint Blue, Car Paint Red, Carbon, Wood, Metal Painted, Anidozed Blue, Anodized Red, Radial Anisotropy, Copper Dirt, Plastic Rough Black, Plastic SSS Red, Plastic SSS Yellow For free use on private and commercial projects. http://www.silverwing-vfx.de/free_stuff.html cheers, d
  2. pssst..... http://blog.adamfarnsworth.com/2013/09/26/c4d-python-object-id-list/ I know. stupid joke
  3. Restricting your Spline to a Point Selection instead should work.
  4. Just saw this on twitter : http://hypolylab.tumblr.com/post/56898977120/mutelayers
  5. Good stuff. Thanks. Maybe interesting to consider xRefs and Redraw Limit as well ? d
  6. Looking forward to see your solution, Mylenium. Haven't seen Yader's yet (shame on me for being so cheap). This is what I would do, using Hair as well : Grow as many Guides as there are Clones. Then loop through the Positions of your Clones and feed these Values into the last Segment of each Guide. Done. This image from the Help should help figure out Guide and Segment numbers : d
  7. Paste this into your ScriptManager, select a Polygon-Object, select the Polygons you want to Split, and click Execute. ( The dialogue is about the placement of the Axis on the new Objects it's about to create. Usually the Default Setting is fine.) This is a Script by rown. It originally appeared accompanying this video. Hope that helps, d
  8. Check out "tp_particle_collision.c4d" in your Content Browser. It's TP only, and it PPassAB's 2 different PGroups into a PRepulse&Bounce Node with a diameter as an alternative to real collision detection, which does a fine job as long as the geometry of your Asteroids is more or less round. Hope that helps, d
  9. ye, would be nice to have Hemisphere Primitive that we can set to Icosahedron.
  10. Assuming you're using the Point Node; makes sure "Use Deformed Points" is checked. d
  11. now, look at who's still relevant as fuck
  12. If giving away more tea than comes back to you annoys you, you should give away more tea.
  13. No can do without making the Cloner Editable / using a separate Object for each Clone. Then you can do something like this. cheers, d
  14. I think you're looking for this file. Check out tezuka's remarks though. He's making an important point. cheers, d.
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