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  1. I really loved the art direction of these -- especially the pearlescent effect on the 3D type. Just curious if anyone knows who did these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3OZ0eOTLTU#t=2m14s Gracias
  2. My two biggest momentum killers. The previewing not working (as it has worked previously, for like, ever) is absolutely unacceptable. Yes, yes, yes.
  3. dka

    dka reel 2012

    I appreciate your words and time, Binky. I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me. I suffer from lack of critiquing among everything else you said. There's one person's judgement I trust here in town and I gotta get away from that. For the projects I really care about and intend to put on my reel, I should start bringing them here more often. I'd love to hear more from everyone, specifics on things I'm actually doing right (if anything) as well the wrong stuff.
  4. dka

    dka reel 2012

    @Cosmo - I battled with just fading to black as tradition would have it vs the gray to keep in line with my personal branding. Watching without sound is something I haven't tried, awesome suggestion which I'm going to start doing. And yeah, turnaround is shorter, budget and teams are smaller in smaller markets (Tucson is in the mid 50's), but I agree I need to improve type skills and F-curve tweaking. Thank you for your feedback! @Binky - My whole idea of the "expansion pack" to the reel and making two parts, I felt, was experimental from the get-go, something I hoped would show some originality in my approach. Didn't intend for it to feel like a work in progress though. The shitty commercial footage is, well, as good as it gets here in Tucson. I know it pales in comparison to anything from LA or NYC but I'm hoping to be working more with someone I met in LA and use better footage in my next reel. I work in News as it's one of the only places to work in town with motion graphics that's stable, so I like to sprinkle it in there for future job ops, but I probably shouldn't because I want out soon. The Coke spot is a spec project which the director wanted the same exact spin, however, I added my own animation after that initial spin which was completely my own, so in retrospect I should have cut that copy animation out. I did make a bunch of changes believe it or not, but perhaps my overall idea is just shit... and that's fine. Do you think my "original" reel, http://www.vimeo.com/dka/reelvol1 , overall, is better? If so, I'll just keep sending that out there and label Vol 2 as an experimental failure. Your last sentence is inspiring, I'm trying my best to make it out of the smaller markets and get to LA, even as an intern I'd be happy working at a highly skilled studio. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you!
  5. dka

    dka reel 2012

    Hello! I've updated / added an expansion pack to my reel, Vol. II - http://www.vimeo.com/dka/reel2012 I didn't receive any feedback for my first iteration from peeps on here ( ). Anyone with a few minutes to spare for a critique would be very much appreciated! Happy Holidays!
  6. Very inspiring! I really love that open.
  7. Really dig the 70's color palette and feel. Also love the hair transition. The only thing that bugged me after watching it a few times was the shoe box morphing into the rabbit and scampering away (felt a bit erroneous), but I suppose the intro sequence needed something to cut to in order to help break it up. Mind if I ask what your workflow was?
  8. dka


    I can't wait to try this for 3D text work. Great job, Andrew. Optical flares > KLF. And now, Element > Zaxwerks.
  9. dka

    HT Reel 2012

    :42 - :48, :51 - :53 is really strong, in my opinion. I would start out your reel with that, or some of your other stronger pieces. I'm guessing you probably put Reebok off the top since it's a big brand? I'd like to see some spice added to your intro and outro tags / slates.
  10. I'd kill to make things for IGN. Pacing and editing feels good, man. I liked a lot of the camera moves and animations you did with the webpage sliced up.
  11. I like the overall direction you're going. Love that Max Payne 3 track that it's cut to. I also really like the stuff at :24 - :26, more please? 3D looks pretty good to me. Finish it up and post! I'm not 100% happy with my new reel, but I figured I'd finish, and tweak/update later in the year after some helpful critiquing.
  12. dka

    dka reel 2012

    Hola! It's been a long time since my first reel post, but I'm still around, and looking for criticism on my second reel. Bash me into the ground, if you wish, it'll only help me want to kick ass on my next reel. http://www.vimeo.com/dka/reelvol1 http://www.dannyadelman.com - *Updated website also (via Cargo) It's only half-finished in my eyes, but I had to sorta finalize it to send for some job apps/interviews. I plan on revising the intro and replacing "filler" stuff I'm not necessarily proud of with higher quality C4D personal projects later in the year for a "Vol. II". Gracias
  13. Love the dimensions/frame you chose, made me want to see what happens beyond the frame/crave for more. Really awesome animation.
  14. dka

    2012 Showreel

    The music is definitely a sick selection. I think your reel overall could benefit from at least a few timed cuts with the beat, but, it's still paced well as is.
  15. I love the layout of the shapes for your intro, but I was a little let down that they didn't continue to animate. I think some subtle animation to those pieces moving around would be awesome. Perhaps faster cuts, more energy for a motion design reel and a slower pace, separate reel for straight video footage you've directed?
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