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  1. I'm having an issue where the rendered image is just a flat solid color. Its like throwing 'fill' on it the whole time. Ideas?

    If the solid image originally a colored material?(for example the flat_color material is green) That will cause a greenish tint make sure your diffuse color is white. Or did I miss the point of your post more info would be great if I did.

  2. Is it reasonable to ask for a 2nd set of eyes, or does that make you look like you lack attention to detail? Do you guys have project briefs before each job?
    I always try for a 2nd set of eyes. Feedback is crucial but not gospel. Project briefs before? I assume this is standard practice, unless you have a relationship with your customer, in which they trust your creativity implicitly. And yet I'd still go for 2nd set of eyes.

  3. So how does the rendering speed compare to a similiar setup in CS6?

    I guess I dont understand your question. Element is used in After Effects, I use it in CS6.. rendering is pretty darn fast. but Im sure it all depends on your graphics card. If you're taking using raytrace in CS6. for me its dog slow. the new builtin 3D in CS6 from my understanding need/depends on CUDA nvidia card, which I dont have Ive got a ati 5770 in my mac. So Element = speedy.. Raytrace CS6 Slow.. for me at least.

  4. On a solid layer add a ramp effect. Make sure it's radial. Have a gradient from b/w starting in the middlle going outward. (you may have to flip-flop white to black) off hand I'm not sure about the shade order.

    I don't think you have to animate the gradient it can be still. However make sure you make that solid a precomp after you put the ramp on it. I think that should do it for you.

    Then select gradient in "flip order" and choose the precomp layer in "gradient layer". Now just scrub your transition completion from 0 to 100%. You can adjust the fall-off of the wipe with transition width.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any insight into how the rotating planes effect could be recreated in this NBA Package : https://vimeo.com/25248644 The effect starts at 6 seconds (it's very short) I have been playing around with the card dance effect in After Effects but I am not sure if this is the right direction. It could probably be done in Cinema too? Hope someone can help me out, Harry.

    You were very close.. I'd say go with card wipe, Instead. That will give you the effect you want and control over the col. and rows. There are some gotchas like making sure you have the right layer in your "back layer" I very much like this wipe. plus you can use a gradient to drive the animation if you wanted to.

    Actually I did a tutorial using cardwipe a few months back.. talking about using track mattes but I used the cardwipe as an example.




    Philosophy time: Would it be fair to say that ANY art that is different enough not to have at least one toe in the current trendy waters is unlikable? Think about great art through history. A lot of it is genius but if someone dropped some of that art now , would anyone like it? And what if one created something so advanced it no longer had any way it could be a derivative of anything current or past, would it just seem to suck? Or would people say, "Wow, holy shit, that shit is so advanced, I don't know what to make of it, but I like it". i.e. does art need current context to be understood and enjoyed?

    along those line.. I still dont get jackson pollock's art.. even after the movie..

  7. 200+ views and 1 reply?

    Maybe like me, they couldnt reply for the longest time. I actually tried a few times. So the obvious question is you dont have the ability to re-render youre current content at a higher res?

    IIRC the ipad2 states they support 1280x720.. but I know, Ive played 1080i stuff on mine all the time. it depends on the app / player you are using.

    I've had decent results upconverting SD footage to HD using InstantHD from Red Giant.. its not the best solution. but its a place to start. Plus it better than just increasing the video size all willy-nilly.. hope that helps..

  8. Well said.


    I've gone to NAB since the late 90's and every year was fun, but I never felt the sense of community as I did at the Maxon booth this year. (let me be clear on this.. Maxon booth could always be this way.. but this was the first-time I actually hung out for more than just a presentation. And thats where I saw the sense of community.. all the presenters watching and supporting one another. everyone answering questions. very neat.)


    I missed last years NAB and felt bummed. This time I made an effort to meet all the people Ive been watching and learning from over the past 2 yrs. Everyone of you, new and old (within my realm of meeting them) were awsome, open, and genuinely nice people.


    AutoCam was great, cept for that :hold: issue 8D


    Dude, Chris conveys a sense of energy and "crazy-eyes" when he speaks.. its Awsome.. I was like "What the Hell is this guy going to do next?"


    (srsly I mean that In a good way.. unless you know the eye thing is a medical condition then.. my bad.)


    And as for Mr NickVegas.. Hes nicer than on his videos, he takes time to answer everyones questions and shakes everyones hands.. even if hes partied like a monster the night before (Im totally guessing on that last part.)


    Can't wait to do it all again next year.


  9. Do you have multiprocessing enabled in AE? Or are you using some effect that forces multiprocessing off? There's no reason that multiple instances of aerender would render faster than just rendering in AE with multiprocessing on -- it's essentially the same thing. Sure, there's always a little variation, but there shouldn't be anything as drastic as what you're seeing.


    Try running only one instance of aerender, but add the -mp flag (in addition to -project). That tells it to automatically opens up as many instances of AE as your RAM will allow, but they all report to the same window -- I think that's essentially what you're looking for.


    That said, what you're doing works. It's just not that different from what AE does normally. The downside to your method -- besides spawning a bunch of windows -- is that it would grind to a halt if you're rendering to a network under most circumstances, since AE has a problem with skipping existing files on a network.

    Thanks Aaron..

    I wasnt in the office today to check it out.. but I will as soon as I go in tomorrow.

  10. OSX has shell script that essentially serve the same purpose as batch/cmd files.


    That said, I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. If you launch the background renderer with multiprocessing enabled it'll automatically launch one instance of the renderer on each core until it hits the memory/core cap you have set. The functionality you're looking for is essentially the only thing AE's multiprocessing can do.

    Well see I wonder about this, because heres my script in a nutshell. In note pad.. I wrote this.


    START "" "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender" -project “project file path here”


    (used colors to split it up for description purposes only)

    then saved it with .cmd at the end, from what I understand.

    Part 1 - green: allows the script to Run as a separate program. the Quotes are part of START. It's just a title, so I left it blank, Quotes are still needed however.

    Part 2 - red: is the AErender location in your computer, basically where the Support files folder is at. to know where that program is.. If you did a standard install it should look just like this..the only thing to watch out for is the "CS" part are you running 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6?

    Part 3 - black: AE render command -project the only thing not in Quotes basically says Render everything in the the following file's render cue.

    part 4 - blue: the path location of your file you know all that "C:/nnnn/nnnn/nnn/file,aec" stuff


    So you have to make sure you are rendering in a seq. and under Render settings you click the box in options that skips existing files (allows for multi machine rendering)


    then.. in the .cmd script you can copy and paste that line as many times as you want, save and close, then double click it will open and run that many AErenders..





    START "" "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender" -project “project file path here”

    START "" "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender" -project “project file path here”

    START "" "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender" -project “project file path here”

    START "" "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\aerender" -project “project file path here”


    pause (you dont really need the pause)


    and 4 copies of AE render open up.. and each start rendering the next available frame in your animations.

    Now when I did this with 6 start lines on a 720p 4 min slide show it rendered in 17 mins.


    I then tried it straight out of AE from the render cue and it looked like all the ram and cores were running but it could only process 1 image at a time.

    it took 28 mins,


    I then tried the same script with 1 start line..and although it was cool having it run in the BG render.. I finally stopped it after 30 mins at more than 60% complete.


    I was just wondering if a Mac can allow for multiple start lines. meaning more than 1 copy of AE render running. Keep in mind you I pretty sure there is a limit to how many start lines you can have running before diminishing returns starts taking affect.


    I really hope that makes sense.

  11. So... I know AE scripts has this already, however with some help from a buddy at work, we figured out how to create a .cmd script to run mulitple copies of BG render thus taking advantage of the multi processors on the Z800. And adding .cmd to the text file makes it rather easy to edit and launch..

    So my question is... does Mac OS have an equivelant to adding a .cmd to create a command line launcher?

  12. If you're at NAB, come see the presentation at 5:30pm on Tues, the 17th at the Maxon booth. If you are NOT attending, immediately go to C4D LIVE and sign up now to view the whole show live.

    YAY!! Im totally there...

    but... but wait


    MediaMotionBall is at the Monte Carlo at the same time.. Sooooo conflcted.. anyone wanna share a cab or anyone gotta car they can give me a ride?

    Why must you torment me soooo?


    Ohh its Tuesday.. yay No problems!!

    wait... pinball???


    no srsly.. Im gonna have to check it out..(sadly i just figured out how Mo-cam and EZCam worked)

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