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  1. Ohh nice.. Ima have to get it and try it out...
  2. Assuming I understood everyting you just said.. OOP (object oriented programming) [yes I looked it up..] Design books? Can you give me an example or maybe a nudge in the right direction? What you're saying is basically learn the C4D API. in your opinion is the touger of hurdles and then go back and play around with python? Coming from a no programming background. I understand expressions are javascript and have fun with those in AE.. Im getting my feet wet with Xpresso and very much like the node system in that. However after playing around with Python. I get that its suppose to be easy, for a non programmer. I even kinda understand it. However like you said as soon as I went into the API for c4d I got lost. Any who I have some info for those that want to learn python.. check out. http://www.udacity.com/ the CS101 course is all python, 7 weeks and Free.. I plan on taking it, and learning as much as I can. Hope that helps..
  3. I, never "cactus" & tell on the first date...
  4. ahem.. living in Arizona, I can totally attest to not sticking a cactus up ones ass.. Oh I'm sure some noob is gonna debate the idea just cuz it was on this forum... but I REPEAT!! do not do it.. leave that to the professionals. that is all...
  5. So on a side note. DaVinci will take-in / convert cine files from a phantom? No more coverting via the cineviewer? That is hawt. You also mentioned 120fps from the ARRI at 1080 vs the RED. This was one of the reasons I was gonna check out the red at NAB this year. however am I to understand the ARRI at 1080 full sesor is gonna look better than the RED at 4K both running 120 fps? Hmm now I gotta find the ARRI booth.
  6. First off thanks vozz.. just by asking for the file I was able to find out the cause of my original error. Never used (mediafire) it before, http://www.mediafire...m3jy6939de64a95 So I made an example of the error I was having. 2 files: the first ones shows how the Xpresso is working.. the 2nd shows the error once I deleted the options using right-click remove entry.. Just a cube with some Xpresso tied to it, beyond basic. I went and right clicked on the user data side of things and removed some entries. Once the user data is gone its left undefined in the Xpresso and rendering it all unusable even though its not linked to anything. My simple demo file helped me figure out the root of the problem on my larger file.. I tracked down the undefined ports deleted them from my Xpresso and its now all working.. Ive uploaded the files so you can see the working model and the error.. and learn how to fix it yourselves if you lik. thanks. may not make a difference but I was using v13 FYI
  7. Just out of curiousty would the problem occur if you got rid of the background object. and replaced it with say a floor that was at a vertical orientation? I seem to recall something about the background object acting funny in certain situations. and the "floor-trade" being a work around. but Im not all too certain as to the reason.
  8. So I did something with my user data I never tired before and then my Xpresso rig stopped working.. Im hoping someone has a suggestion on how to fix it. In my user data panel I right clicked on a control and selected, remove entry.. I thought "Ohh neat I can delete user data without having to go into :Manage User Data:" Then I realized nothing was working. SO I still have a previously saved copy as I tend to save as I go.. but I'd much rather learn if the work I did was salvageable.. I really hope I made that sound as clear as it sounded to me. any ideas? pre-thanks for any help on this. @rovino on twitter
  9. Hmm, where can I learn more about the Alexa and its workflow?
  10. I always seem to put markers on my timeline by hitting the spacebar, as a habit for wanting playback from Premiere.
  11. I dont know, that "Monkey" guy seems like a hack.. **ducks and runs for cover** I kid... cuz Im uber jealous of his dreamy good looks and skills behind the keyboard.
  12. how much for this cream? I must have it now!!
  13. Hmm maybe I missed the point of this post.. but you want to keep the segments the way they are? just have them explode apart with some semblence of control? Why not use mograph fracture object and some random effectors, then crontrol everything with falloff?
  14. I think mp4 is only native in win7.. if your viewer is on a xp machine.. your best bet is wmv. just my $.02
  15. I watched the Cineversity live feed on this and so far all test that I saw showed support for v12. This is killer, I even tried out a small test using Sure Target I made 4 solids with different colors. RGB and white and all the camera movement exported cleanly with materials the same colors as the solids I was playing with. Awesome. Im sure motion tracking is gonna be huge this year. How does sound keys export? I was so excited about his I showed it to a coworker that uses maya only. He feigned disinterest when I showed him this. but I knew in my heart he was jealous. 8)
  16. What about multiple ribbons that start and stop at the sharp angle?
  17. Im pretty sure you mean parent the camera to the null.. Just to add 1 more level of control over this.. once you have a null / camera combo set-up do a search in Effect & Presets for a Separate xyz Position Add it to the null.. This will create expression controllers that will allow you to keyframe each one of those parameters individually. On a final note. Im not sure what Look or animation youre trying to create.. but for me an invaluable tool for animating cameras in AE has been VideoCoPilot.net SureTarget 2.0 the range of movement and fluidity this allows. Im sure there are those out there that will poo-poo it. but quite honestly it opened up many possibilities for animating cameras for me in AE. What i'll typically do is created precomps with my subtle movement.. then using SureTarget on Nulls.. Parent the Precomps to the nulls and you got some very complex animations occurring with minimal effort.
  18. rovino

    Font help

    esem - wanna teach me how to fish? just outa curiousity how did you find that font so quickly? had you seen it before.. or did you use dafont to locate it? and if so how? thanks again, finding it.
  19. rovino

    Font help

    great googily moogily!! Thank you..
  20. rovino

    Font help

    Need help trying to figure out this font. I think Ive narrowed it down to a type of Gothic. but Im not sure exactly what it is . ideas?
  21. card wipe and shape layers could do it as well I would think.
  22. I try to discover... a little something to make me sweeter... had this song stuck in my head for the last 2 days.

  23. Thanks Mylenium.. Now... to learn Python!!.. 8 )
  24. I dont have chrome balls in my MW2 kill streak intro.. maybe I should add them? 8 )
  25. Without wanting to give away what Im working on.. I do have a question and I hope that this generalization will enable to be solve my issue.. Is there a way in Xpresso to assigning user data.. to a command... for example. can I create a button (I would guess this would be a boole) to engage the "make Editable Command?" like when you right click on Contextual Menus and see all those command options? For the record I know all you have to do is press C, that's not the command Im looking to activate.. also I figured out how to map a key strokes to do the command I wanted.. but I would like it if there was a way for me to have it listed in my user data. I looked at all the nodes and couldn't figure out if I could be done. Or is this something that just cant be done?
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