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  1. Hey ICA.. (I abbreviated you name) sorry I'll not do that if it bothers you.. but thanks for the heads up.. I know the websites of GSG and Master Clapham and learned of Chirs Schmidt from GSG.. Looking forward to to checking out Base80 and will watch your stuff of vimeo as well thanks again for the reply looking forward to all the learning. 8)
  2. Ive been seriously considering doing this as a render farm option.. Guess you could make it a work station as well.. \ http://lifehacker.com/5672051/how-to-build-a-hackintosh-mac-and-install-os-x-in-eight-easy-steps
  3. ok whats happening with this Im super curious. actually now Im pricing stuff. DAMN. must stop. Im assuming you are going to use net render on this? What OS are will you be using? Im actually contending on seeing if you can Hackintosh these to use OSX? does net render work on linux? and Im also assuming one could use this render farm with AE net render option right? BTW.. yeah just looking at ebay shows tremendous promise..
  4. I think Uncle Render has it right.. there are multiple transform options make sure you're affecting the mask transform and not the layer.
  5. I work in corporate video. My day is usually 9 hrs long not including my lunch break.. (if I get one) Sometimes... its longer depending on the nature of the project and when its due, I typically dont work 12 hr days. Currently the biggest slow down for me.. is just figuring out how to make what I envision in my head.. then attempting it on C4D.. AE Im comfortable with, c4d is my new learning tool. Some days depending on my work load. I can "play and figure out c4d" all day.. other days Im on a shoot or working on other tasks. Then theres the thorn in creativity.. the "knock at the door" I hate the knock at the door. "Umm the projector isnt working in this conference room." "did you turn it on?" I dont have the luxury of working on 1 project till its done. I have to balance that with everything else I do. from editing a simple music montage, slide shows, setting up AV gear for a presentation or producing webcasts.. training, safety, ethics videos galore. anything in video from av, camera tracking, editing, directing, producing, to general grunt. I do it all. Then there's the travel.. I'm usually on travel a good percentage of the time supporting my customers on location. So 9 hrs can easily be 12-14 hrs.. but that's not just playing or working on c4d is my point. On the plus side I get holidays and weekends (mostly) off. I better damn well be sure my tasks are done before I leave the office. but that's just the way I am.. I hate leaving things hanging. Oh and I usually get every other Friday off.. yay for 3 days weekends. soo its a balancing act. I just have to keep spinning the plates so they don't fall down..
  6. I started downloading my upgrade to C4D 13. I guess they sent out the emails on Tuesday and I think my spam filter got to it before I did.. but maxon customer support was johnny on the spot and sent me a new email.. with my info.. whoot. cant wait to check out c4d 13.. Note: dont expect anything from me.. Im still a full blown scrub.. but Im learning and working at knowing the interface and controls. I seem to leap-frog from one thing to another.. First it was mograph..(who doesnt just like playing with dynamics?) then I dabbled with hair. then emitters and dipped my toe into TP.. then I realized I needed to learn xpresso.. ugh.. materials, lighting and modeling?? srsly? Not to mention just trying to figure out the monkey's Sound Keys to c4d TimeTracks. demo he did at last years NAB. hehe I keep going back to that and trying to pick it apart. Then learning the work flow between c4d and ae.. damn it just never stopped, but Ive been loving every minute of it. Needless to say.. Im still crawling, but now I feel like I know enough to simply ask the questions about the stuff I dont know.. 8) Just wanted to post and say WHOOT!! .
  7. Now to answer your question of how I would make it ... Being a mograph designer I'd rough the thing in FCP and make motion elements in AE/C4d, then finish the comp in FCP. Same only with Premiere.. I'll add music and mock up a show in Premier then either cut and paste the timeline elements into AE or just import the Premiere project into AE.. hell I've even just exported a .avi from premiere (windows obviously) and taken that into AE. I always export from AE as seq. For the simple fact that I can always go back and re-render just a portion of that seq if I need to make changes. Usually its a .png seq.. Ive never had any issues the image quality is great for the file size and it supports embedded straight alpha too.. Then I typically make a new Video Track above my original edit and lay the seq over that.. so I can see how everything lined up.. if I need to make changes or swap out a shot.. I know exactly where it lies in my timeline.
  8. Oh sure... use logic ... 8 ) I actually like the idea of having all my camera movements in 1 file when I import to AE.. if that's not the case and I need to do a little ground work getting my renders in AE.. no biggie I was just asking if there was something I was doing incorrect or missing entirely.
  9. thanks for the link, I'll look into it further.. What you said there at the end sounded like a stroke of genius. however when I tried it out not so good.. 8( Once the camera changes and the nulls no longer line up.. the actually glitch out like crazy
  10. Hi all Working on a scene, I have 5 monitors in mograph cloner (animated and cloned to make 25 total objects) Ive also placed an External Compositing Tag (ECT) on the cloner and my screens all have Compositing tags with object buffers, also mograph cache set. My plan is to replace the images in the monitors using AE for later changes in content. When I render this out with 1 camera it works great, AE sees the object buffers and the ETC nulls come in just fine. I then took it a step futher and added a Stage object, rendered out a multiple camera view, my object buffers still worked fine, however my ECT didnt. It simply exported the original 5 locations of the monitors. Ideas, suggestions? does the external compositing tag not work with the stage objects? or am I missing a key element here? thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Wow talk about being totally out of touch here.. sorry for the late reply vozzz. I thought I set up my profile to email me on replies... It didnt any how.. If you're refering to my avatar? all C4D and a little CC in Photoshop.
  12. External Compositing tag and Compositing tag are your friends in this situation.
  13. Personally I love png sequences. very versatile image. with embedded straight alpha channel. (I kinda made up that phrase, but you get what I mean. ) and a relatively small footprint to boot.. size of image vs quality .. sorry not on an Avid.. Im using CS5 premiere pro or AE.
  14. Make sure your user data is on the null and not the xpresso tag itself. I did that once and it took me forever to find it.
  15. Hamilton I seem to remember you posting some links to books you liked... I think it was on GSG. I was looking for it the other day.. Are these those same books? and if not... mind showing me the other list? good day.
  16. I know when I was in Sweden I'd see the words ut fart posted at the gas stations. I think fart has to do with speed. (seriously) After a quick google. Fartpilot can be translated as CruiseControl
  17. Yep, sorry wasnt able to start learning till last year. I'm playing catch up. Never too late to learn something new.
  18. well, yeah. I was just experimenting, see what would happen if I just pushed some limits. but I see a huge potential.
  19. Wow. So I tweaked this from .01% to 50%.. honestly Im just spitballing here. But then I tried rendering out a file that originally took me 49hrs. rendered in 1hr. I havent taken a look at it.. gonna see what it looks like after post. but I must say that some crazy specs there. thanks for the heads up monkey.
  20. if youre talking about widescreen DV.. use 872x486 sq pixels..
  21. if you're going "full on" local add, you forgot the music. 8 )
  22. You could right click on the material tag on your object then scroll down and select "fit to object".. thats about the extent of my knowledge. I hope it helps.
  23. heres how I see it.. Its a tool just like everything else. or another way to see it.. Some people have Trapcode suite and only use the default settings and are happy is that "reel worthy?" your "tools" are only as good as something something.. (I couldnt figure out a neato saying there so I just kinda stopped.. but you get the idea.. )
  24. Care to share what your workaround was? It would be interesting to see how you over came the issue... thanks
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