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    spline morph

    Im sorry PLA? please explain..
  2. Vozzz thank you, Ima gonna give this a shot. I actually went the rout of checking the child box in the Ext.Comp tag.. Simply for times sake but Im going to return to this and try the null xpresso tactic when I get a chance. thanks for the help all..
  3. Hi All looking for some help.. I created a very simple animation with a "Bar" My plan is to create some text on the bar that I can easily change using After Effects and putting an external compositing tag on the front face of the bar its animated.. So I thought I had it all planed out well. I was going to drop the bar in a fracture object... place it in position and then using a random effector have it randomly fly into place with linear falloff.. my idea was golden.. Until I exported. the bar flies in, But my external compositing tag stays put.. I noticed that the wireframe of my bar stayed in the resting position and what was actually being animated was a sort of "Instances or clone?" So how would I go about doing this? Id like to get the bar animations done first. I know I have approximately 40 titles and would like to get them out of the way.. and then add the text or changes to text as I get them.. Im guessing it could be an xpresso issue but Im not versed in xpresso. So Im asking for some help. thank you for any help.
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