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    Shannon likes fighting against kung fu robots, eating RGB germ monsters, taking vector naps and having pixel dreams. He has also been known to enjoy illustrating, animating, designing, or doing anything else which allows him to express his vivid imagination.
  1. Awesome reel man, really love the flow and edit. Not really feeling the glow balls piece, but everythin else is solid. Great work man!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to share my new reel and see what people thought of it and get some feedback. Any feedback is apreciated and if nothing to say, then thanks for watching my reel. _______________ Shannonds.com
  3. Thank you Mars. I completely agree with you on the camera move, I'll make sure to polish it more with my upcoming projects. Also, I think you have a good point with transitioning from tight to wide shots would help sell it more, I didn't even think about that. Thanks for your critique Mars, I appreciate the feedback. And yeah, it feels good to be on Mograph.
  4. Hi Mograph, just wanted to share my latest animation to get some feedback and just overall thoughts on the video. This is a fluid dynamics animation and I am responsible for all animation, lighting, composition, etc. The only thing I did not create was the MR Shader, that was created by my good friend, Pablo Ramos. All C&C is welcome. Thanks and Enjoy! Also, i'm already aware of the amount of "orange" for the letter R in the final shot, that was a mistake on my part as I forgot to render one of the additional layers out of After Effects, I will re-render that shot, but please, for now feel free to critique or comment on any other aspects of the video. RGB Studios Video
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