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  1. this looks like another dznr.org / getcloudapp.com service. Even the logo looks remarkably close to getcloudapps
  2. I've been working on getting the Vectorizer to update from an image sequence myself. Been reading the COFFEE bible and I think Im getting close to loading the images in an array and then passing them with the time node to the texture channel. No luck so far. If I figure it out Ill post up my finds here.
  3. I was able to get some decent results increasing the birth rate of group 1 and reducing their life to about 25 frames. Another thing that sorta of worked was making group 1 be born at "count 300" that way they would be looping through the id's. It isn't exactly what I want. But it will have to do for now unless I can figure out a more controlled way to have them change id's after hitting their initial ID target. If any one has some gems of knowledge they'd like to share that'd be great. thanks!
  4. Hello, casual troll first time poster. I have been setting up a TP rig to have particles emit from a group of objects and then travel to specific points. The easiest way to describe what Im doing is found here. http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=21008 this file www.juniortaxi.net/files/c4d/global-connections.zip this posters file at the very end of this thread has a very similar setup. I set that up and I have my particles moving to 1 point. basically the same way he is doing it. Now to refine it Im trying to get the particles to move to 2 additional points or 3 before they scale off completely. I have been successful in faking it with inheritance. Having group one inherit movement from a null looping on a 3 pointed spline. But now I need them to literally travel between the specific points. Ie particles in group 1 are born in those points, (this is working) particles in group 2 travel between the birth positions of Group 1. Srek gave me some good advice Im a little lost as to how to change their group, or have their ID's change. I hope you understand. Im unable to actually post my project file. thanks!
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