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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to invite you to the Shit Showreels Say Facebook page! If you like to watch showreels, or want to give your own reel a bit of a boost in views - send it over. I'm also trying to run a contest on most Friday's, via my Twitter, for plugins and mograph software, so watch out for that too. So far we've had Element 3D 2, RealFlow, Anicons, Plexus, Rubberize-It, Newton 2, Nodes 2, Scenery 2, DigiEffects, Wipster and a bunch more... Cheers everyone. Peter Quinn Peterqu.in @_peterquinn_
  2. I expect, like a lot of you guys, you watch a lot of reels and other mograph pieces. I usually sit and watch a few things on Animade or Squeezeme.tv with my first coffee, every morning when I get into work. I've pulled out a few 'showreel tropes' that hopefully some of you will agree with - and I bet there are plenty I've forgotten about... would love to have you input as to commonalities in reels. It's been an interesting study coming up with this shortlist. Cheers guys (hope I've got the right forum)
  3. I thought you guys would like to see this clip. It's a shout-out compilation from some well-known mograph faces for our burgeoning Vancouver Motion Meetup group. Hello Vancouver Motionhttps://vimeo.com/90343736 (not sure how to embed here) Cheers to all the guys for sending over clips to help us push our recent Vancouver Motion Meetup group.
  4. Peedy

    Tiny Worlds

    Done in Maya & Nuke.
  5. Peedy

    Tiny Worlds

    A Shout-out to Rushes in London. This is a series of 3 little shorts by a guy called Chris Hutchison. http://peterqu.in/tiny-worlds
  6. Cheers Jonny! Hey I checked out your reel, linked in your profile - very cool.
  7. Nice work Kevin. Really good range of styles.
  8. Hey guys, I thought I'd post this up to see what you think! Planning our USA Road Trip https://vimeo.com/61034066 Cheers, feedback welcome! Peter Quinn
  9. Hey guys, I thought I'd post this up to see what you think! Planning our USA Road Trip https://vimeo.com/61034066 Cheers, feedback welcome! Peter Quinn
  10. Ah, yes I've always had this issue. It's such a headache.... I'm constantly bashing shift. I'll try that tip from Todd, thanks. Peter
  11. Hello again guys! Just a nice project we wrapped up recently. To show off the capabilities and tolerance of Panasonic's SD cards we brainstormed a concept of four animated cards weathering the elements. Using Cinema 4D and After Effects, we take the cards on a global adventure as they train for sports glory. Panasonic SD Extreme Challenge! https://vimeo.com/43078871
  12. Hey guys. A recent project I just finished for an LED lighting company, which involved modelling and lighting this bulb. http://www.peedy.tv/led/ or https://vimeo.com/41994952 It was a delight to work on. I spent days trying to balance lighting, luminosity and global illumination settings, and troubleshooting Ambient Occlusion passes over the net render, but when it all worked out, it was really nice to see the virtual LED lightbulb really lighting the scene as it does in real life. I had some difficulty with GI and Ambient Occlusion when used with material transparency. Very flickery, and way worse with the net render. Anyone else have issues like that? Anyway, hope you guys like it...
  13. Hi again guys, I've just finished another quick little job for Staples Canada and thought I'd share... Feedback welcome as always. Peter Quinn
  14. Hey guys & gals, Have any of you used any online render farms? I have a large project that might need some render help. Possibly just over 5000 frames using Cinema 4D. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had good or bad experiences. Cheers Peter Quinn http://peedy.tv/showreel
  15. Hey Guys, I've got a new 99 second reel for 2012*, and I'd love your feedback. Getting some nice feedback. peedy.tv/showreel Cheers
  16. HA! no way... We're Barclay House at Barclay & Denman. We're not a corner, but we have friends in a corner unit - and it's pretty similar.
  17. While we’re waiting for snow, I’m doing some traditional xmas time-lapsing from our 11th floor West-end Vancouver apartment window. Enjoy... http://www.peedy.tv/...uver-timelapse/
  18. Yes, In my experience it's pretty difficult to convince bosses to do something a bit off the wall... I was lucky.
  19. So nice! Jealous. Please stay away from Vancouver
  20. BLINK, and yule miss it! http://www.blinkmediaworks.com/jinglebells/ Oh, it's that time of year again... Here's a little something we did to wish you all the best for this holiday season!Happy Holidays from BLINK! Reallly pleased with the end result, and I'd love to get your feedback on this. I had a great time making this. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you guys think.
  21. This is back online after some downtime. Cheers.
  22. Hey guys. I'm just finished a nice little project for Staples here and wanted to see what you all thought. (Really pleased with the Magic Bullet Looks grade on it, and some of the wee animations neat the beginning. http://peedy.tv/staples-recycle-for-education-contest I'd really appreciate a Vimeo *like* as its in that 'made with after effects' competition that measures likes. So Staples, one of our clients, wanted to attract some attention to a contest they're running in Canada where they're giving away some computers to schools. There's an environmental aspect too... the winner needs to prove that their school recycles, turns off lights etc... the brief was for a kinetic type animation, but I ended up adding a few extra layers. More info here on the contest: Staples.ca/ENG/Static/static_pages.asp?pagename=soulrecyclefored {Submitted to the Made with After Effects competition, link to follow}
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