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  1. I have to applaud Vimeo for this. As a recording artist myself I am sensitive to this issue.


    It is like someone steeling from your reel.


    How would you guys like it if others simply took your demo reel and called it their own? And not only that, started making money because of the content of the reel.


    Music is an important part of a demo reel and should not be "ripped-off" because of a lack of imagination.


    There are open sources for music and with the plethora of music generation apps on mobile devices there is no real reason why the music on your reel shouldn't be your own.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I came to a similar solution once I realized it was a multi-step process. I was trying to carve something out of a block. Now I see that the sprial needs to be converted first then build the cube part out from that result.


    My initial spiral work is here.




    PS: How do I attach an image on this forum? My Media seems to have no options for upload. Is this becuase of my post count?

  3. Hello All,

    I am trying to create something like what is show at the link below. It is essentially a lightly subdivided cube with a spiral relief on one side. It is the spiral part I am unsure how to create.

    A Blender solution would be ideal, but workflow from any 3D app would be appreciated. I want the final result to be a single object with good topology, quads and loops intact.




  4. I see the hype about the Mac Pro pill thingy, but I am still kind of interested in the Mac Mini. I have a decent Windows box with GPU acceleration, but to make an iPad app I need some kind of Mac for final publishing. The Mac Mini seems like a nice price point for just basic iPad development and Unity work.


    Has anyone used a Mac Mini for 3D and or compositing work? I realize it is intel graphics based so there will be no cuda available but I wonder how it performs for general work?

  5. Hi All,


    The other day I was watching TV and saw this 3D greek style column ad. Slices of the column rotated to reveal words hidden within. While the ad was cool itself, I can not remember who the ad was for. Probably something like insurance or investment.


    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this ad or has a link to a video of it?



  6. I typically render to ProRes 422, if on a Mac with Final Cut installed, or to Motion JPEG-B (yes, that depreciated codec), if I am on Windows.


    So this gives you a big fat file.


    Then, open that file in Quicktime Pro and export to H264. After Effects H264 output is not as efficient as Quicktime's (I don't know why, but conduct your own tests if you like).


    Then you can use that washed out color restore technique as mentioned above on the resulting H264 file. The technique does work on Windows and Mac as far as I can tell.


    This leaves you with an archive quality output file and a postable/portable output file.

  7. Thanks for the link Nick. That is close, but the attractor works mainly like a magnet, not gravity. I took the project and reduced the count so the cloner was producing only a single little sphere. When the attractor drops off the ball falls back to the plane and bounces. That is what I want to happen when the little ball attracts to the sphere. I am new to C4D so I am going to play around with your scene a bit more. But if you have any suggestions to adding more bounce to the initial attraction, that would help.


    Thanks again!

  8. Hi All,


    I am using C4D and I want to have a ball bounce using dynamics but I want the gravity to originate from a sphere. So in the end the scene would look like a ball drops onto a sphere, bounces with decay and rolls along the surface of the sphere because gravity is attracting it to the sphere.


    Can this be done in Cinema 4D? If so, what is the best way to set this up?


    Thanks for your time.

  9. Hi All,


    I can not figure out how to copy and paste a texture between material slots in Cinema 4D.


    Say I have a gradient on the color channel. I want to use that same gradient in the BUMP channel.


    How do I copy from one channel to another?


    Also, is there a way to have texture instances in Cinema 4D just like 3DSMax has?


    That way, if I edit the gradient in the BUMP channel, the COLOR channel is updated with the same exact parameters?




    BTW: I did notice that if I select a channel and right-click on it, I see a menu option called "Copy". I have tried this, but it never works. I select the Color channel and right-click, then choose Copy from the menu. Then I select the BUMP channel and right-click and choose Paste. Nothing happens?

  10. I was running into this same problem, yesterday. Here I am on a Mac with 16 cores and 32GB and I am looking at a beach ball spinning while AE tries to preview two layers. I get much better performance out of AE on my Dual Windows XP laptop with 3BG.


    Sometimes I just don't get it. But the delay does seem to be related directly to what you are scrubbing. The more efficient your layers are, the quicker the performance. Setting up proxies can be a pain, but they certainly help out in heavy scenes. Don't just dump those 10Mega pixel images into your comp. Also try to avoid super large sub-comp sizes.

  11. Hmm...


    It looks like Vectorize will do a single frame, but I need an animated sequence. I tried an image sequence that works with After Effects but Vectorize did not display anything except a rectangle in the aspect ratio of a single image.


    I tried supplying a single quicktime.mov with alpha to Vectorize and got nothing (or perhaps only the first frame which is blank).


    Is there some clever way to make Vectorize process a sequence? The help for Vectorize is like 2 lines long.


    Is there some special format that frame numbers need to be in for Vectorize to recognize the sequence?

  12. Hi All,


    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am new to C4D.


    I have a project that supplied a series of animated people walking, silhouettes. These silhouette videos have an alpha channel, but I am wondering if it is possible to create an extrusion from the video so I have actual geometry in my scene, instead of an image mapped plane?



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