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  1. Hi there, Is there a way to change the points with different pictures like this video done by The Mill: http://vimeo.com/40457999 I know forms or particular can do that, but how about plexus? How did The Mill did the trick? thanks in advance! hymn
  2. is there any way to do this? i was thinking about baking it, but how can i convert those baking into keyframes, since it's an polygonal object? many many thanks!
  3. Hi seniors~ I have a problem attaching the cloth to the dynamic robe, pls download the scene from here and is there anyway to make the robe stretchable? thanks! SEQ
  4. Hi, I've got a scene where a big box is falling on over other boxes, looks fine in editor view, but the final render doesn't match to the motions of the editor view. How to make render result the same as what i see in editor view? one another strange thing is, the boxes are constantly trembling, even though nothing is touching them (except the floor) any suggestion? thanks!
  5. hello, Any knows how to render out a reflection pass with alpha (just the reflections and everything else transparent)? thx
  6. i've found out, it's because the GI photon sampling set to low, if set to medium or high, it won't flicker. but still, i wish there must be a way in AE to repair these kind of flickers, setting the sampling to medium or high, is rendering very slow..
  7. thanks for replying supaidaaman, i used IR + QMC Full Animation for render already, the flicker is still there..
  8. hello, I've got a problem with rendering in C4D, even i use GI full animation to render, the outcome has flickering: video to render again, 'd be over my deadline, is there anyway in After Effects to fix this? Did anybody ever has this problem before?? Thanks for help!! ps. what did i do wrong in C4D that cause this flickering??
  9. thanks monkey! your tutorials are very inspiring, looking forward to see more of your great work! s
  10. never mind, found it: http://vimeo.com/2074812
  11. I was looking everywhere on the internet for this video, but couldn't find except some screenshots of that video i captured them from the Onedotzero promo video: does anybody know where i can find this full length video? Thanks!! XD
  12. Thanks for the response, so the joints-rig can do whatever a bone-rig can do? (with only the soft-IK disability for the joints? as what vozzz mentioned?)
  13. hello, it's maybe a very stupid question, but i can't quite figure out what's the main differences between joints and bones? in what scenario will joints be better than bones? and vice versa? thanks for enlightening me~ SEQ.
  14. you mean for the opening? i used the metaball with spline effector , tune it low poly and renders with cell renderer. Then adjusted colors in after effects.
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