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  1. Vozz: Ooh that might be tough, the capture causes the menu to release. Either way I'm talking about the one that pops up when you type 'V'. It used to have structure/functions/splines.... etc menus. Now it has now of those options. anothername: Yeah, I was hoping to avoid creating from scratch though. It's always irked me that there seems to be only one 'marking menu' for customization, unless I've missed something. thanks.
  2. So I've started using r14 at work, but I feel lame without r12's pop up menu. It was so nice flipping through structure/function menus through one key. R14's equivalent "mesh" isn't even on the menu. Any suggestions?
  3. I don't suppose you could just garbage matte your footage, as you would in syntheyes. Then track a precomped version? Wouldn't AE then see just the tracker markers you've left behind?
  4. Sweet, I got's my tix! Can't wait to see what he's presenting on.
  5. random... does " VAMP stands for Vertex Map Manager and is a powerful tool for transferring point-based data from one object to another. The objects can be completely different. They can have a different number of points and a different structure." sound helpful? I haven't personally used it, but it seems like a lead, no?
  6. holy szechuan! "last legs"? I'd order a copy too. Man, the breakdown, the focus/hierarchy vs/budget, & the critiques, priceless.
  7. I'm definitely digging my twitter feed. designinspiration looks so much like fffound#2.
  8. xllr8


    it is a bit odd. I wonder at the logic, but then I'm like that
  9. xllr8


    I've met working pros @socials, yet a lot of people I'd met were looking for work. Every new meetup I meet people recently moved here, hoping to make it.
  10. and bingo! I had it working. I was relying too much on the working preview & not the render, which actually shows the proper colors.
  11. I feel your pain _gl. I've adhd, whatever that means. Some things I feel have helped me focus my efforts (to increase understanding, speed, etc...) 1. a.brainstorm as per Binky, get deep with that $hit: history, experience, meaning, it's parameters in the world... list like mad b. paraphrase (to grasp essence) c. now mix up these descriptor words, use puns, play with phrases, opposites,... 2. storyboard it 3. now consider your timeframe/budget & what methods of execution best suit those needs. 4. I understand motion to consist of these options (more or less) - planes in space to fully realized high matte paintings. - footage (shot for compositing) - keying (sometimes not one click ))) - roto ( ) - tracking/matchmoving (love that motion blur, eh?) - simulations (from ae particles to reaflow fluid simulations) - generators (for use with filters to ...well make shit up) - 3D land oh boy (now you've modeling, texturing, rendering) - compositing (this can be an artform) - camera animations - sequencing (editing, with all it's cinematographic language) - sound design Each of these can go into making a piece,based on your time, budget, & understanding, You should use what you can to pop out the most "creative" expression of --some message for some audience--. Also, I think it's best to ask "what am I having trouble with?", or "where do I get stuck in the execution process?". I often have to ask myself, "what sucks?" Then I go about addressing that issue, iteratively till the deadline moment.
  12. Thanks. Actually I'm trying to understand the logic & parameters behind color shader, how it works & why it isn't doing what I'm expecting, as per tutorial. I've tried the reference manual & honestly at times it's a bit obtuse.
  13. I'm watching a hellolux tut, and I haven't been able to "sort" colors using the random effector. I've layered a non interpolating colorizer over a color shader, dragged it to geometry, and attempted to randomized distribution over cloned objects. The random effector is set in color mode, min/max 0/100, random mode - sorted. any thoughts? :blush: https://dl.dropbox.c...0screenshot.PNG https://dl.dropbox.c...8/conundrum.c4d
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