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  1. Agreed with Monkey, good camera work but the finishing could be improved. Lastly, I don't like the music. Yes it is campy and nostalgic, but to me it dates your reel and makes people think about the song/tv show.
  2. wow, thanks douwe. That was quick, glad to see it was an easy fix. thanks again
  3. Hey Chris, First off, gotta say love the CS tools, so useful! Thanks for all your work on them. Now to my question for ya, I've been using DocuCam a lot and everything was working great in r11.5. But, when I open old files in r12 or start new ones in r12 and add a DocuCam camera, it seems all the Zoom/Snap Zoom functionality has been broken. I assume that they changed something in r12 that is messing up the Expresso. Do you or anyone else might know what could of happened? Thanks
  4. I've been using smoke since v2 running on an Octane2 (circa 97/98) and it's a great system. Like most have said, it's fast, it's great with clients, versioning etc. Years ago I would of said there was no other way working. But today it's just one tool in an array of tools I use. AE, C4D, AVID, FCP, Mocha etc. I still love the smoke, and use it constantly but don't think it's the one tool that replaces everything.
  5. I hear ya, i know doing this properly is neither quick nor easy. And I'm under some of the same constraints, tight budget, short deadline etc etc. So I am figuring out a way to pull it off, it might not be the best way but in the end I sure it will look good and make the clients happy. But it would be great to see a proper way of doing like you say with a proper rig with expresso. Maybe someone will eventually do a tut. I'm sure you have, your work is very impressive, no doubt it is not easy to do.
  6. Yeah, i've seen that tut before, it's well done in AE but I was looking for more of a 3D example
  7. Yes, it was discussed but nothing came of it and nothing was explained
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on how to pull this look off in C4D using mograph? I've seen plenty of tuts for AE for this style of flip board but never for 3D. The animation part would be easy to recreate and using a cloner to build the board and a random or step effector to control the flipping. But what is stumping me is how to control the textures/letters. Any thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/user/KAYAK#p/u/4/Dw1BQZCb9JQ http://vimeo.com/12209801 http://vimeo.com/6421974
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