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    Aleksey Reel 2011

    Interesting- first off I like the GOL stuff you did, has a nice polished look to it. It does get a bit repetitious, but I like how you integrated POV with things going on in the environment- the seals crossing the beach, the beach ball, etc. I had been waiting on posting the GOL stuff i did until i heard an airdate, maybe i shouldn't be.... Agreed that the length was perfect. Nice work.
  2. benr0ck


    ...reminds me that i need to update my clients with my new, design-moniker, "Max Power". Do people ask clients to refer to them in person in this fashion, or is this only for online presence? At the moment I primarily use it for making dinner reservations and auto repair appointments.
  3. if you arent very familiar with manhattan, i recommend just bringing a camera and trying to get yourself lost. Seriously- way more fun than having a things to do list, esp in nyc. You will just come across interesting places/things. People have made some great recommendations here, but if I were you (assuming you aren't too familiar with nyc) id try to enjoy not being familiar with it, because thats never going to happen again. You really can't get too lost or in trouble in manhattan either from my experience, especially during the daytime- usually a ton of people around. Of course this isn't a guarantee. When i lived there I walked everywhere, and just took photos all day, stumbled upon a lot of interesting things to see, food to eat, etc. I do not miss living there though.
  4. ive been waiting for andrew kramer to give me some tips on improving my scalloped potato recipe...
  5. presently listening to a theo parrish mix- eclectic aesthetics. i usually turn something on when i realize ive been talking to myself too much.
  6. benr0ck

    Please critique

    i think it's cool. The sound design ties it all together quite nicely, and technically there are a few pretty cool moments (agreed on the cloth coming off the sphere). Aesthetically it's an interesting look to it- how its greyscale, yet very techy-looking in a few parts. I think the tech look I'm at a loss for understanding, if we're talking about design fundamentals animating together- not that that's a bad thing, it's just part of the look to it that perhaps im not getting. I think also the conclusion of it just kind of happened- as in I didn't get an overall "Ah ha!" moment. Shapes animate into other shapes, and we're out. I don't think it reflects negatively on the piece, but it may be a question for yourself- what kind of conversations do you want to viewers to be having after they see this? Or maybe it's just a test, which is fine, but that leaves the critique of your piece left to the technical realm and not a conceptual one.
  7. its all about what kitchen you feel the most comfortable cooking in...
  8. Knowing illustrator to a certain extent can really help out in both 3D and AE for vectors. Photoshop for texturing or painting stuff out. I think it's important to know how both can help. FCP or Premiere? I learned premiere over a weekend- its just like cooking in someone else's kitchen. I love hearing the arguments between AE and Motiion, but truthfully there's no comparison. Ive been getting into real flow lately and it fits into the 3d workflow pretty well withhold results. Definitely not for all the time for sure, but its great for the quiver. Really depends what you want to focus on/what ur interested in.
  9. Not around my comp at the moment, but isn't there a wiggle setting in 3d stroke? Looks like that with a blur, along with maybe a few layers with blending modes of it? Maybe motion blur? Definitely going to be some random recipe, so I'd experiment to find the concoction that works best for you. Sorry I can't say exactly, but figuring it out will give you something cooler and more original all the time.
  10. i know u said youre using r12, but you could also achieve this with AE and Particular, and then in the sourced comp do a morph in there with whatever methods you want- eran stern did a tut awhile back on using pixel motion/frame blending. Something like that could work, all depending on what you're trying to achieve i guess.
  11. ive heard of ppl using Wistia also for clients to login/comment on certain things with timecode attached/etc.
  12. ive used the rabbit farm for a project- works well, and Tyler's a nice guy, which always helps.
  13. you talkin to me? this workflow is tricky/lousy, but you do what you gotta do when the client wants you onsite but can't provide a 3D app. So we embraced the 2D. And used this workflow to do a broadcast series. We all do what we gotta do to sell the gag. lighting is done in Pshop i think i mentioned to the person asking. motion blur should work also BTW, shouldn't need to use ReelSmart, but that works also.
  14. I've fought this battle a few times. It has to do with when you save your .psd. In Pshop, under the 3D menu up top theres a render option i believe. I would save this til the very last step, as it chokes your system up quite a bit. This is also where you want to add lighting details to it. Can be a helpful workflow in a pinch, but not ideal at all. Translating the texturing without the aid of the mtl file is the biggest pain about the workflow. High levels of wonkiness, but if you can pull it off you can help others out on message boards when the same issue arises for them...
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