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  1. this is fkn smooth dude! GREAT work. It takes a lot of talent to create something this beautiful.
  2. awesome ideas guys! The project is still a few weeks away so I'll look into these techniques a bit more in-depth once I'm there. Thanks for the help!
  3. I'm trying to create a waving flag animation in C4D Broadcast R16, which doesn't come with the cloth/soft body tools. It doesn't need to be perfect--just good enough to get me through a 2-3 second animation. But ideally, I'd like to be able to unravel a flag that's hanging from rafters (like when an NBA jersey is retired and revealed to the crowd). Anybody know any good tricks/plugins that'll get the job done inside of Broadcast R16? Thanks for the help!
  4. It's an improvement, but $80 to essentially do a C4D hardware render inside AE? I'll pass.
  5. I honestly had really high hopes for Cineware, but now that it's here it just doesn't seem all that useful. I've been using Cineware with C4D Studio for a few days now and here's my basic pro/con list: PRO: -You don't have to worry about managing tons of image sequence exports. Everything is embedded in your C4D project file. -You don't have to set up many of your multi-passes for compositing; Cineware does it for you. -You can use AE cameras to animate through your C4D scene. CON: -Rendering in Cineware takes just as long as rendering out of C4D. It takes even longer when you add effects. So why not just render out your image sequence first and then add effects? it's much less taxing on your system to read a pre-rendered image sequence than having to render every frame in realtime. The way I see it, most things take longer when using Cineware compared to the traditional workflow. -No support for importing OBJs and re-lighting in AE (similar to Element 3D functionality). -No DOF when using AE cameras with Cineware. You still have to rely on depth passes, so integrating 2D elements in AE with your C4D scene still requires a lot of work. -Cineware can't read from C4D's content libraries; you have to remember to 'Save project with Assets' whenever you're using them in your project. -The AE camera doesn't have all the options you'd see in C4D, so that added functionally is a moot point for me personally. Maybe I'm missing something, but at this point I kind of regret upgrading to After Effects CC.
  6. I found a solution In case anyone else runs into this problem. From a Maxon rep: "Cineware currently can't parse paths to textures stored in a content library (starting with preset://). Try using the "Save Project with Assets" command to save the project file and any textures to a new folder, and link that project file in Cineware."
  7. I love it! Only thing is that C4D's sky objects don't seem to work with Cineware. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Cool work! You have a good sense of typography and composition. I really like the newspaper sequence, the 'For Fun' Festival stuff, and the 'Boost your Business' stuff you had in there. One thing I'd do to make it more exciting is cut it down and maybe change the music. Right now the music doesn't seem to tie in with the video at all and it has the potential to be much more engaging if you sync it up a bit. Also, some of the work you have in your reel doesn't need to be there. For example, your camera projection/image manipulation stuff isn't working for me. Here's some things I think you should cut out or change: :10 - Womens jeans sequence - cut :40 - Bedroom sequence - cut 1:20 - 'Raised Millions' sequence moves slowly. Maybe time remap it? 1:24 - Motorcycle sequence is maybe your weakest work right now. - cut 1:30 - The 'Dont Be Average' clip is ironically average - cut 1:35 - Construction worker guy isnt working for me. Too plain and the lighting isnt working. - cut 1:42 - Red BG and video. Very plain. I can tell youre able to do this sort of effect after seeing other stuff on your reel. - cut 2:00-2:12 - That's some of your stronger stuff IMO and I think it could be featured more. But still, priority #1 for me would be to change the music, or at least work on the editing so that it syncs together. Good work and good luck out there!
  9. I like it, but here's a few things that would keep me from using it: -No volume controls? -One more place to upload. Could you add a feature that allows you to embed videos from vimeo/youtube? -Reviewers are selected on a project by project basis it seems. Could there be a 'team' feature where a small group of people are all able to make comments instead of having to invite the same people every time? I guess you could all share the same login, but then you cant see which person is making comments. I like the direction though. Good stuff!
  10. highfive

    2k commercial

    The endplate is very nice! The parallax didn't work out so well but it wasn't horrible, so don't take our comments too seriously. In addition to what Zmurowski said, I think the parallax scenes could've benefited from some improved lighting, depth of field, and the way in which you spaced out your images. For example, I think the family and couch should be at the same z-space at that angle, because the dad's hand is resting on the pillow, right? If your camera were closer in to the family, then maybe I'd space the objects out a bit to make it more cinematic, but when you're that wide you can see everything and it starts to look fake I think. Hope I've been helpful!
  11. www.JohnRBlake.com I'm no web designer so I opted for a Cargo Collective site. As for the work, it's a culmination of personal projects, freelance projects, and news animations I've done over the past few years. I've been doing motion graphics semi-professionally for about a year (I'm mainly an editor/shooter at work), and I'm learning design as best as I can through practice and good books, but it's slow coming. Any advice? I can take the abuse Thanks in advance for the help, guys and gals! P.S. - I know the VCP Evolution flourishes at :07 need to go, but I don't have any other work that I think could fit there timing-wise...any suggestions would be awesome.
  12. sums up my thoughts. awesome work. im curious of the business logistics behind this project though. who commissioned it and where will it be shown if you dont mind me asking?
  13. Agreed^^. Lighten up, dude. You're not wrong...you're just an asshole.
  14. youll see an even bigger performance boost in AE when you upgrade
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