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    Hey guys. I have project coming up and I wanna do embrodery style animation Something like this. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/25/af/14/25af14d86809d0a1d58ee8c585e723a6.jpg So I'm doing some research for this. Does anyone have any suggestions how to tackle this style? Any suggestions? Any help much appreciated
  2. Hey guys. Can you please help. I have this situation to animate. I made a null that is flowing a path i drew in illustrator. So my question would be: Is there any way to automate this for the rest of the objects. How would one get about doing that with expressions. Idealy I wold like to link the rest of the characters to the null animation and just slide them in with the expressions. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38858817/null-problem.mp4 Tnx!!!
  3. Well fellow motiongraphers I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. Some great advice here. The main one begin recutting my reel and moving. I will make a new cut ASAP. Also I would like to move but Croatia is not in the EU yet so this complicates things a bit. Actually there are lots of great ideas in this post and directions. Thank very much.
  4. I've been working as a motion designer for 6 years now on TV-Staion here in Croatia and I must say I'm a little bit lost. I'm afraid that working as an in-house designer I will never live up to my full potential, main reason being that I clash with the firms view of values and style. So most of the time i force myself to do things that are completely uninteresting, and usually I lose so much energy defending the idea, correcting it until its unrecognizable, that i don't want to have anything to do with it in the end. That happens because there are no clear roles in the management. I tried to find a different job, but the croatian market for motion design is so small that its impossible, I got a few job offers, but all of them in end were less paid and it always the same system. Familiar frustrations would surface soon, and then I would be stuck in the same situations with even less money Simultaneously i try to work on side projects for some times, and lay the ground for going freelance, and now a few years later i find myself burned out and not step further to starting my freelance career. I have always some clients from here, but the fees are so low that its better not work at all. And I learned that working freelance and full job simultaneously is just watering down my work because I'm to tired and overstressed to make it look great. So i keep producing average results and going further and further from the path i wish to be on. I would like to start working over the internet on the international market. But i need a honest opinion. Here is my reel www.neonski.com Can i make stuff good enough for the international market. Where to start. Be as brutal as you like. Maybe i just need a cold shower, maybe I just don't have what it takes to make it on my own.
  5. Wow. Thanks for the great critique. You made some excellent points and observations and I am taking them into consideration.
  6. ha ha.. tnx you are the first to notice that little touch
  7. Well peps here is my work. http://vimeo.com/13279398 comments please!
  8. Mostly waiting for s**t to render out.
  9. Here we go again. Design politics. Try to evolve like everybody else. Design is the most sifting field you can work in. Today, everybody has a computer, everybody can try to make a carrer out of motion, web whatever. The bad thing is that there is to many of us. The good thing is that with the internet motion graphics are no longer limited to tv. There is a need for them like never before. So you wont go hungry for lack of work anytime soon. Just, work, explore, do the "hard shit" like Nick says and love your job. Personally grayscalegorilla changed how I use Cinema 4d, and I am really grateful for a site like it.
  10. Oh come on. I love grayscalegorillla. On the topic of c4d cafe. I am a member. After I Solved the problem
  11. Oh come on. I love grayscalegorillla. On the topic of c4d cafe. I am a member. After I Solved the problem
  12. he tnx.. But I want it to be a rope/thread. This is a different technique, witch would be to hard on my scene. If you dont know how FAKE IT... TNX peeps i figured it out.! Fake solution: 1. Make object 2. Make string (its tense when something is hanging form it so you dont need dynamics) 3. Move anchor point to the top end of the string. 4. Parent object to string 5. Put Vibrate on string on H and P... PRESTO! A dangling thingy.
  13. Hi guys, To skip the excuse how stupid this question is I need to find how to make an object hang from a spline with dynamics. The only tutorial is on c4d caffe an they have a registration policy like you are applying for the CIA. (never trying to register on that page again) Can u help. Please. I need just s simple object to sway slowly on a string. Thats it. Cant seem to make it work. TNX
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