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    [font="Verdana"][color="#666666"][size=2][color=#4C4C4C][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]Hi, I'm Nick, a professional freelance 3D Artist/Animator and Motion Graphic Designer, working both remotely and in-house with design studios, broadcasters, web developers, games developers and a wealth of other clients. I love working on new and diverse projects, overcoming tight deadlines and budgetary restraints, meeting new people and producing eye-catching, high-quality visual artwork for clients![/size][/font][/color][/size][/color][/font]
  1. It's too easy now eh. Who votes we go back to being a bit more hands on?
  2. Not much except file size I suppose. Unless you get really geeky about it. I use 3D Studio Max which can't render as PSD.
  3. Yes, all those reasons and also you may need an alpha channel for your 3D renders for compositing in AE, in which case I tend to use a TGA sequence. One workaround if you don't need an alpha channel, and rendered to a QT movie or AVI, but wanted to re-render and fix just a few frames, is to import the QT/AVI to AE and render it out as an image sequence and just replace the frames you fixed.
  4. Some great advice here. Wish I had read this before going freelance. But I would definitely agree that you're unlikely to be able to get working from home before working more closely with clients before hand. Also, some years of experience, a proven track record and a decent portfolio are pretty essential.
  5. checking it all out

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