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  1. Yeah, super excited to see what comes of this. Looks sort of like the Houdini workflow/thought process applied to AE. The fact that AE is still the only "real' option for 2d motion design bums me out. Hope it grabs some traction when it's released. Scott
  2. I don't think there's really a specific jargon that's needed, you do a pretty good job explaining it in your post. Mosaic, minimal, somewhat abstract. Maybe calling it illustrative, character driven, playful, bright, vector, explainer, 2d? Words only take you so far though. I find it's more helpful to share specific reference or point to some popular culture that everyone gets like the Iron Man titles, the intro to catch me if you can, pixar style, south park style. It's also ok to share a studio or designers work as reference and say in the style of X.
  3. I think everyone should go to college, but an art school like SCAD or Full Sail seems like a rip off. By the way, Ivy league schools seem like a rip off too. I'd still suggest getting a degree of some sort, just not a motion graphics degree. Echoing Levante and Dave here to an extent, but having a broad education is really important, not for the piece of paper, but for how it helps you see the world and your place in it. Community college for general ed and then transferring to a state school for your BA is still relatively inexpensive, at least here in California. If you work while going to school you can graduate with little to no debt.
  4. Stumbled across this blog, a lot of radness to consume. https://typesetinthefuture.com/
  5. https://www.subtraction.com/2016/04/04/a-brief-history-of-lens-flare/
  6. These two sites are great! http://moviesincolor.com/ http://mattscottvisuals.com/
  7. What's really unfortunate about these types of things is that it makes you question all of the other really stellar and top notch projects in the portfolio. There aren't any credits listed anywhere... Not saying this is the case here, but we've all worked alongside someone who has a kick-ass portfolio to only realize later, based on what they are able to do, that they were clearly only involved in limited production aspects of the work shown on their site, or were only a small part of the process.
  8. Thanks again for all the feedback, advice, and encouragement. My 2015 reel can be viewed on my website www.sbmotiondesign.com
  9. Nice! I remember seeing your old reel a while back in this is miles better, great work.
  10. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it! I've been cutting all kinds of stuff together, trying different songs, and really just trying to have fun with it. It's the kind of thing where I'll cut something together in the evening and then in the morning I see it with fresh eyes and want to try something new. I'll be sure to share the final when it's done.
  11. Once you prep your textures you could use trapcode particular to get a sort of procedural animation thing happening. Can't remember where I saw it but the guy achieved some really organic hand drawn looks by loading in a few hand sketched bitmaps into particular.
  12. Wow! That first pass was terrible... but I gots me a V2! Finding the right track has made such a huge difference, I feel so much better about this second cut. I'm going to polish it up a bit more, still pushing and swapping a few things, but I wanted to post this one to show my progress. Any additional feedback from anyone is much appreciated. I ended up using the track "Aftergold" by Big Wild. Thanks Spotify Viral 50 USA! https://player.vimeo.com/video/127795370
  13. Hey Binky, Thanks for your feedback and input! Picking a track is always the most difficult part of the process for me and it's something I've been struggling with on this go round. I reached a point where I needed to pick something, anything, to get the process started. It feels good just to have a timeline with some clips in it at this point. I do like the track, but I agree that the pacing isn't working well for my material and the ending of the track is just sad and unrewarding... I think in this first pass I let the track dictate the edit too much and that made me want to stretch some scenes out longer than needed which is never a good thing. I think I might try to cut something together without the audio at all as a little experiment to get my edit tight, and then revisit picking out a track and making things work with the music. Thanks again!
  14. I haven't updated my reel in almost five years, yikes! I have an in progress version that I would love to have ripped apart in old school mograph.net fashion. The placeholder intro and outro cards can be ignored for now, just looking for feedback on my edit, shot selection, and music. Thanks! https://player.vimeo.com/video/127657379
  15. Dude, this is super funny. I like it a lot. My favorite part of the whole thing is the dialogue you have going back and forth and the "voice acting" is actually really good, it seems authentic and I like how the one guy is super skeptical and dismissive. The back and forth of the "here's my great idea" and the "Whatever..." makes it fun. As a viewer I find myself identifying with both sides of the conversation as it plays out. If you were to simplify the story just a bit, I get a little lost in the middle, I think that would keep the viewers interest a little more. Maybe giving yourself a TRT constraint would help? I would definitely keep doing these, I could see it working as a web series or even playing in part of a short film festival. I just went to the SF International film festival and saw some selected shorts, this was hands down way more entertaining than at least 75% of what they were featuring.
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