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  1. Thanks for the advice. This is whole process is a learning experience and but a challenge I'm looking forward too. One thing I forgot to mention is that we are in small market that has lower rates than compared to a places such as Vancouver or Toronto. I have talked with other people within the industry who have done some similar work and they have said the price is reasonable but not extremely low. I figured being a newcomer to the scene my rates are lower but will rise in time as my portfolio grows. There is huge opportunity for future work with the client and I did not want to over budget something that has the potential to turn into long term work. Is this wrong? I have submitted a budget for 120 hrs @ $33/hr. This includes 2 revisions for each task(e.g intro, lower 3rd, bumper and etc.). I have stated in the contract that each additional changes beyond the the two will charged at a hourly rate of $33/hr. The show is 12 half hour episodes and will have the same intro for each episode. Anymore advice will be great and thanks for your perspectives! Thanks, Dbird32
  2. I made changes to the original quote. I changed it to 120 hours @ $33/hr. Which works out to $3960 for the total project. With regards to the revisions, In the contract I have granted two revisions for each part( e.g intro, lower 3rd, and bumpers). Each additional revision beyond the additional two that were granted at the beginning be will be at $33/hr. I would really there a link to a contract template that can be viewed or purchased to refer to?
  3. Yes there are an established tv network in Canada . The show airs this October. What they've told me is there budget for this is $3000-$3500. The intro is all graphic based that will include footage that has already been shot by for the pilot. Any help or advise is appreciated.
  4. I have been asked to develop a graphic package for a tv show. I am fresh out of school and we never really covered budgets regarding motion design. They are asking for a concept for a 20 second intro, stingers, bumpers, promos, and lower 3rd. Is there any budget templates out there I can use as reference to help along the way? What does a graphic package like this cost? How many days does a project of this scope take. I came up with a sample budget for everything. It is 13 days @ $264/day ($33/hr it works out to). Am I short changing myself? I have developed a contract of my own but is there contract template out there that someone can refer me to use as reference in case i am missing anything important. Thanks, Dbird32
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