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  1. Gotcha. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!
  2. Thank you for the response! I actually haven't seen the videocopilot dvd you mentioned, but I do want to avoid work that looks like it's straight from a tutorial. I know the glowing light stroke effect you're referring to, but I'm not sure which 'floral stuff' you're talking about. Do you mean the floral stuff in the intro animation? Thanks again for taking the time. Everyone's critiques have been very helpful.
  3. Thanks, Trione! Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for.
  4. Thank you for the critique. These are comments I wish I had been hearing much more during school - I think I 'got away' with too much. This may not be the place, but do you have any suggestions on literature/websites/other resources I should get my hands on to improve these areas? Thanks again. -Austin
  5. Hello! Would love feedback on my motion graphics reel: http://vimeo.com/9904574 I am fresh out of graduate school, doing freelance work while looking around for something more stable. Would love feedback on the reel, particularly if there are gaps that I may need to fill, or of any particularly weak spots. Be honest, I can take it More found at: http://austinlordmedia.com/ Thanks!
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