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  1. Thanks for the props man! Ya i knew the null copy wasn't necessary but really like the flexibility you built so I can just swap out .bvh files. Im actually teaching C4D in a highschool and it will be great for me to set up some "Dance templates" with that flexibility. For the students to bring their .bvh files into. Also good use of the retargeting tag, VERY useful. Thanks again. Keep doing what you do...even if its knitting ;-) -VJ Anomolee
  2. AH. a re-targeted null copy of the joint chain with a tracer on each bit you wanna show. Brilliant! Im really pleased with the results and all the possibilities. Thanks again for pointing out the NAB recap. Didn't realize they went over Senften's process. So excited about this!! Check it: http://www.evernote.com/pub/vjanomolee/c4dprojects
  3. First off, amazing reel! Don't know if this is the best spot for this but, Mr. Senften, In your NAB Presentation this year you mentioned using .bvh mocap files in combination with loft nurbs and moinstances. +a step effector to create the Frank Gehry esque dance waves. Im trying to create the same type of effects with .bvh files I capture with my Kinect but can't seem to get any results.. Is there any way you could post your recipe or include it in a future tutorial? Your biggest fan, -VJ Anomolee http://vjanomolee.com
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