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  1. Yeah, knew it was kind of a stupid idea anyway. Thanks for your input. Will think of another solution.
  2. Hi, So I am attempting to simulate clothes tumbling around in a washing machine. I'm having the usual trouble with cloth, whereby it intersects itself like crazy, even with self collision on. I've upped the sub sampling and iterations but it is still all over the place. Any advice for C4D cloth dynamics? Even if it is 'don't bother'. I've never been able to get any satisfying results with the cloth engine. Any thoughts welcome. Marnie.
  3. Hey, yeah have been applying to the cloner. Haven't tried the rest of that so will give it a go, thanks. Does this work? I seem to remember trying this a while ago on a different project and it didn't work. Is this the way Maxon suggests? Anyways, thanks for the help! Marnie.
  4. Hi there, Had a look around but couldn't find any posts that answer this question. I have a scene with multiple cloner objects, all with rigid body tags. They all eventually interact with each other. How can I bake the sequence so they all interact properly together? Baking each cloner one at a time screws up all the dynamics and they pass straight through each other. There is also a rotator, attractors, and other rigid body objects in the scene. What is the correct way to cache the calculations for this animation? My graphics card can't keep up, having to calculate every time. Had a look through the help manual and doesn't really mention how to bake multiple objects. Or maybe I'm just being stupid. Any help much appreciated. Thanks! Marnie.
  5. Hey Cyclad, Thanks for your reply. Think I have cracked it now. It was the area light messing things up. It was replacing the texture, as I had 'Show In Render' on. Have changed the area light and all works fine now. Cheers! Marnie.
  6. Hi there, I'm having trouble with some textures in a cloner. The objects have a luminance channel, and outside the cloner, this works fine, when they are put inside a cloner object, it seems to deactivate it. The objects within also have an area light within them, with this turned off, the luminance channel is activated again. With the cloner object turned off, both the area light and the luminance channel works, but with the cloner on, the luminance is deactivated. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I can work around it? In the scene file you can turn the cloner on and off to see the problem. Scene file Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Marnie.
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