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  1. I have just renewed the MSA, as they hd me at Team Render Server, and tbh theres no getting round the fact that most of the work I do depends on C4D. Annoyed at bodypaint and particles haven't been touched, but theres enough to make it a potentially better release overall than R15, which was underwhelming even with Team Render which created as many problems as it solved. Oh and apparently a little bird has said that UK (and hopefully EU) MSA members are finally getting a year of cineversity........bless them they may be listening....
  2. Hi everyone, I am writing a piece about the best cities for cg artists (yes I'm including the internet!). I have London, Berlin, Vancouver covered, but ideally would like someone from either NYC, San Francisco, Sydney or singapore to give me a shout if they would like to answer some questions about their city. Email me at mike@creativebloke.com or through the forums. cheers chaps
  3. Hey Todd, Ideally ones that re 3rd party, but thats a good shout Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I have been asked to write an article on the top 10 Premiere plugins. So would love to know what yours are and why, figure better asking than making it up
  5. Love it, built a windows box as a workstation to take a over octane chores from the mac pro as vandalising the mac to get it running was not in my comfort zone. Once you get your head around it its surprisingly straightforward, one thing you don't get in the demo is the live database of materials which really helps you get started. Also I use mod as well, but now that there's a plugin for that, creating consistent renders across software becomes a lot easier. Fwiw I have two cards in the pc a gtx 780 and 660ti, i use the 660 ti for ui and the 780 to drive octane when previewing and both for rendering. The other thing I like about Octane is their roadmaps is transparent, we know whats coming in v 2.0 including an After Effects plugin, displacement maps, object motion blur and better passes. Then there is the promise of cloud acceleration as well which could be very exciting.
  6. yeah agree, modo is what i use for all my 'proper' Uving, and it has a dedicated uV to EPS export command
  7. Is that including sales tax? If so makes a weekend trip to nyc justifiable
  8. Hi Ok then, well a spline will allow you to control the length of the frame as it animates in, how you reference do the overall foot animation.....um i would need to go away an have a look
  9. oooh that's going to be a bugger, for example how are you going to get the rings to finish around the toe as it pushes through? However by the look of the boards all you need is a wired foot model? If it was me and thankfully it isn't I would be looking at either modelling the foot wired (as a spline with a sweep object), then using a boolean or depth matte in AE or boolean to get the transition or using Form to see if I could get the effects using an OBJ sequence. The other option potentially is to use a detph or positon path with form or particular to get a similar effect...........
  10. had a few issues with apps like modo on the mac pro, upgraded windows to windows 8.1 and tried out some core apps much better :sigh:
  11. As I said its early days, so you could well be right, the issue could be with having to switch from designer head to sysadmin head. I am not saying its not an option, but aside from the bare rental cost you also really need to factor in your cost in lost design time setting it up and getting the assets to it which is another bandwidth cost. While on paper it looks cheap, you really need to think of these hidden cost when putting it up against the cost of buying additional computers in house. I have found that with team render, i am willing to throw a lot more to experimenting and chucking out more passes than i would, which then has a benefit to my clients as i am producing more work. With TR it literally is one click and your off, rather than even 5-10 minutes setting up a stored ec2 instance...
  12. I have been doing a lot of research on ec2, and yes people have setup a farm, and have used Team render on it, with one if the ec2 instances running the job rather than use your local machines, the issue I have with it is that can take a couple of hours to setup instances etc, its not immediate, admittedly I am in the early days of playing with it though.
  13. Interesting thread, i am thinking about building a windows box to supplement my mac pro due to a couple of factors, one i need an octane box which won't tie up my primary workstation while its rendering, two, i would like something to help with team render, v-ray 1.8 and modo as i do a lot of animation and stills. My research suggests having extra grunt locally seems a less stressful option than ec2 which would only really be useful for animation unless you spent time setting up a mini network on ec2...which would be a chore SO my question is why not have a dual core system to max render threads or is the cost increase not worth it?
  14. ok so as someone who went freelance from a well paid paid and secure very creative job when he was 39, i guess i should go and shoot myself now, as i am past it..... ...however for some reason i feel more energised now, i work across a couple of creative disciplines including mograph, and can see this developing as i get older, i went freelance to maximise my potential (and earnings) as well as see more of the kids, and so far so good. I seem to get work because as other have said age comes with experience and efficiency, and maybe more if a desire to understand and work with the client. The other thing is that this industry is growing with us, and will continue to adapts as the old farts get older and the clients still want to work with them becuase they get the job done.....i hope!
  15. groovy keep me posted, so i lost some of today standing over a sick mac pro, which is now all better, all i can say if don't try and be clever and stick your 660 in pci express slot 3, as 'apparently 4 lanes makes no difference' i read somewhere, it does and it makes your hard drives go funny......so everything back in slot 2 and hope my EVGA don't burn too big a hole in the wall with their back exhausts!
  16. Oh you can download octane livedb materials in the plugin (i am running beta 0.8 available on the forums, it is an option in the top of the live render preview. I agree with froj, as a new licensee, for the price they are charging say compared to v-ray it is hardly extortionate to buy another seat, and they also run multiple bundle discounts. One of the key reasons I went for octane is that they are going to cloud rendering with v1.5 that may offer a more cost effective solution than rigging up your own multiple gpu setup. Also the only other machine I would put this on would be my laptop, and tbh for most cases just running the demo may be enough for that
  17. cool thanks, its pretty addictive, am i being thick or is there no easy way to gte materials from the octane standalone into c4d?
  18. hey matt saw the post, how are you getting on with the two 660's? I have one 660, and the the stock 5770 and just bought an octane license, but getting a 2nd 660 seems a no brainer for my 2012 Mac Pro, just wanted to see if you had any updates?
  19. it rally is awesome, a couple of quick tips, make sure if your using gi for animation, that all your team render clients repository path is pointing to somewhere big. And your using team render in the render queue and only doing specific frames, makes ure your master machine is part of the team (that last one has to be a bug)
  20. I was rendering last night, and the physical is a touch better, especially in shadow definition, and once setup wasn't much slower than standard
  21. just so I'm clear because i have been banging my head a bit with this as well, you enable gi as well when you switch to physical renderer?
  22. I just realised i want the speed and 3D of NUKE, with the flexibility of After Effects.....can i have that by next thursday please todd??, oh ok you can have until monday...
  23. and a more solid 3d navigation system, as well as speeding up expressions, and making it more straightforward to link expressions between comps
  24. very tidy, especially the warp tracker and physical renderer CINEWARE stuff, is CINEWARE being updated to r15, so that we can take advantage of the new GI options and team render?
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