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  1. Thanks guys for the great critique. I always like 'em cuz that is what makes ur reel look better (after u build it out). I totally agree with all of you. Way to far back in my head I always knew whats wrong with it but I couldnt see it clearly enough (YES im stupid). So thanks for the advice. I ll re cut it asap. cheers
  2. YES I mean the floral stuff in tha intro. I just think there is WAAAAAYYYYY to much floral stuff out there and u know why? cuz its easy to make . just get rid of it OR as I said before make it different. do it in 3d or something but make it different cuz everyone is using it...what means it is a waste of space
  3. Do u like those two pieces or not? What are ur thoughts and reviews?
  4. You should built out your logo/intro animation. make it more crisp, cleaner or whatever. Get rid of all of the videocopilot stuff like the floral stuff from the "evolution" dvd (if this is not the case...at least it looks like it and thats the same isnt it) or the animated glowing light stroke. otherwise people would notice it and that gives them a bad impress of u. Think u have enough technical skills so stop messing around crank up ur design stuff (i know its hard). Best way to do it is replicating VERY COOL stuff BUT make it UR way that nobody would notice the original idea behind it. peace
  5. i like ur reel but there is to much abstract stuff in it. If u really like abstract art so much then keep on doin this but u have to build it out like: better shading and rendering. ur 3d stuff looks a bit toooo plain u know. give it more "texture". I dont mean like bitmap textures I mean give it a bit more color and "roughness" to it. make it a bit more real. the rest is cool
  6. Basty

    Character Reel 2010

    VERY nice Reel. I see where ur goin.... one thing that I noticed is that some of ur characters need to have more WEIGHT what would make the animation much more "realistic". I like the opening animation
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