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  1. Thank you for all your responses. silatix- To answer your question , yes, I have only started doing tutorials this year and considering entering the field. mintyfresh- I appreciate your insights. You have broken down the reality of the situation even better than I see it. And I definitely agree with all your points. Designers come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the best ones didn't even go to school to learn motion design. Albeit, school is always a good foundation in developing one's methodology in whatever endeavor. I have no intention to drop everything else and pursue motion design. But I do want to unleash the creative juices I have always held back because resources weren't available then. I'm in no rush. But hopefully associating myself with people in the industry can help expedite my skills and knowledge.
  2. Thank you very much guys. I've always been creative but never really pursued it because I took the "conventional" route like everybody else. Eversince I started my tutorials in AE and C4D I've been seeing things in a different light. Every corner, color, detail looks different to me now. Truly amazing! Thanks again!
  3. I was just wondering if there are any new motion graphic designers around here. I'm calling out those who are in their 30's and not young turks who still have so much ahead of them. So many new thing's have happened the past year for me. Immigrating to Canada , newly married and now considering a different career path which is of course motion design. I just turned 35 and seriously want to start a career in motion design. Of course aside from the excitement that I know I can excel in this field , this is also coupled with fear because I feel like an old dog trying to catch up with veterans and individuals who have strong media backgrounds. I have no experience in media at all except for my familiarity with adobe photoshop ( to make my pictures look good ) and adobe premiere ( to document my travels ). Aside from that, my only ammunition to jumpstart this new venture is my drive to excel and the numerous possibilities that I can create with motion design. So is anybody here on the same boat as I am?
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