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  1. Hey Guys, Currently looking for inspiration for an upcoming project. The titles I'm referencing are the Dawn of the Dead titles. http://www.artofthetitle.com/2008/06/30/dawn-of-the-dead/ Do you fellas/ladies know of any similar examples? I appreciate it guys! Thanks, Taylor
  2. Yo dudes, I had a brilliant idea (which I'm sure someone has done already...) I wanted to take the 'render finished' sound effect in AE and set it as my iPhone text alert. Every time I get a text, sounds like my render is finished sort of thing. Anyone done this or know where to get the file?
  3. The only time I ever visit Creative Cow is through a google search. That's the last resort after I'm forced to wade through piles and piles of web design shite.
  4. Are overrated. Stay away from HF&J... enough motion designers have beat Gotham to it's grave.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for some good demo reels out there that use hip hop as their audio choice. It seems all I hear these days is a mix of Ratatat or MGMT. Thanks dudes!
  6. It's obvious you have a good deal of experience and great work. The cut in of the logo at the end was too long and a bit too disruptive. I think it could have been considered a bit more, as it takes up a good chunk of the timeline. Other than that, you've got awesome stuff.
  7. A lot of your type and presentation needs work. The 'Breakdown' section seems a bit amateur and unnatural. I would think of a more creative way of presenting that while integrating it with the video seamlessly. Also, the live action stuff (girl with red coat) is a bit out of place. Twitch is used a lot in this as well, am I right?
  8. Great work and awesome presentation!
  9. There are arguments to both sides. For one - when I walk into a classroom, 95% of the time I am given a "I like the type choice", or "I like what you did here." After a while, it gets old. If you really want to get better, be prepared to be torn to shreds. This line of work isn't about receiving compliments, it's about growing and getting knocked down along the way. That being said, there's nothing wrong with doing it in a constructive manner. Keep in mind though, there are some brutal people out there. Killa is one of them - just learn to take the crit like you would any other. Ignore the aggressiveness, and grow from it.
  10. Worth it for pro service? I'm definitely considering...
  11. People comin out of the woodwork! Some nice points made in this thread on both sides.
  12. The guy is harsh, nothing wrong with that. There aren't enough blatantly honest people out there. When I post something, I'm not looking for "This looks cool, good job man." I want it torn to pieces.
  13. Pemberton


    Delete plz mods.
  14. I just don't understand how you guys are able to afford these type of services. Through donations? If so, what are these people even donating to? Profits? How does a church even make a profit? Sorry, I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to this. All insults aside in this thread, your reel is solid, man. I think a lot of artists are the non-religious type, so it's tough preaching to the wrong choir.
  15. I've never understood how a church is able to hire a team of designers, let alone any profitable business possibilities. You guys are the same people who claim their lake houses as "churches," thus escaping property taxes. Thanks but no thanks.
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