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  1. deff

    Spline head

    Yeah , it's good way. But still it's simple to do in Max than C4d, damn
  2. deff

    Spline head

    Hi man! thanks ! But maybe Cinema has a plugin like max? look at the screen below. It's called PF spline. Did you here something about that? b.
  3. deff

    Spline head

    Hi Guys, Could you help me? How can I did this one (see attached). Could you give me some advice, or something what can help me?
  4. deff


    thx! again, but, where is the fuc... soft body in new Cinema4d r13? aaa what a crap , in r12 everything looks much more clear
  5. deff


    Hi Guys, Could you give me some advice or direction for effects look like this: I want to have organic and liquid typography. let me know pls. best m
  6. deff


    Hi All, I hope you are help me. I try to do morphing from sphere to absctract shape, I used to Morph Tag, I can not section for exact passage, the whole ends in a sphere. More details: ObjA - sphere ObjB - large abstract Reults - morph sphere to large abstract. Do you have any idea? Please help best, m
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