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  1. This might help! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2694640/DocumentRenderPath.c4d Just select the null and define your output directory. Currently developing it, so very much a prototype, would love some feedback for extra functionality. Working on Mac's at the moment, haven't tested it on PCs
  2. I've finally got around to making a port for Windows - currently works on Windows 7 running R13. Let me know if you would still be interested in testing this cheers M
  3. cool! glad i'm not the only one who thinks this would be useful I'll get started on a port - just don't have a BootCamp partion for my Mac setup just yet, will get this done as soon as I can. cheers! M
  4. Hello! I've decided to turn a productivity tool that i've developed and currently use at work, into a plugin. • It's for people/studios that work with a small render farm • All it does is transfer files when they're complete, either automatically - or with the click of a button. • It saves a few minutes in your day, from a really annoying job that gets in the way of other more important things. • works with the multi-passes/files that can be processed with NET RENDER (can't do depth etc) I dunno, maybe I'm the only person that thinks this is an annoying thing to do everyday Also, I need a decent name, i've picked Render Farmer for now, so do excuse the poor name choice -maybe you could come up with a better one Please let me know if you think this could help you p.s At the moment it has only been tested on R13 on a Mac Marcus
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