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  1. Everyone wants to have a reel they feel portrays them in the best light, and if they could, everyone would have 60 seconds of glossy goodness right? And its important to have a reel for prospective employers and job opportunities right? So people can get a whistle stop rendition of your ability. But my question is this, how do you balance Killer and Filler (the glossy goodness and the stuff you include to fill time)? Now I am of the opinion that as long as you aren't going overboard (including everything you have key framed since setting foot in a relevant software), it ok to have filler material. But how much does having naff material included tarnish your name? To what extent should all we noobs accept the fact we aren't going to find work just yet and simply work on projects?

    My Reel 2010

    Thanks for your comment culp. I don't actually have the session files for El'Gunbirdo anymore. I will have another go because I wasn't particularly happy with the work flow ( it was done in the days before i knew about pre-composing!) You're right, i need far more audio syncronisation in terms of key frames. Anyway thanks again!

    My Reel 2010

    Man, very astute about the gorilla, thats exactly it. Thanks very much for the honest crit. You highlighted some things that I was considering already myself. I know there shouldn't be any 'filler' in there so I'll get goin trying to phase the vignette swallows out! Thanks again.

    My Reel 2010

    Hey guys I heard this was a good place to get some serious feedback on my reel. Its nice and short (cos Im just starting out). I have tried to be as original as I can, so no tutorials or mimic work. Enough with the waffling, let me know what you think! Ta. JD
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