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  1. yea thats the sort of thing i was going for, maybe i change the black car to an expensive looking jeep which would make more sense, slab serif which i may try make 3d although i havn't done much 3d. since i cant bring an obj. into AE should i try do it in nuke or does anyone know an easyer way?
  2. hmm i havn't studied much type and just thaught it matched the look of video, should it be a more modern font? any tips on typography would be great
  3. [re] Thanks guys that helps a lot, i might try take it into nuke for some camera moves and sort the light and colors, I'm hoping to get together a showreel which explains why there's so much going on. I don't know how much time i want to spend on it but i'll definitely be think about things a lot more going into my next piece.
  4. My link WIP - Things i think i should touch up are change the soundtrack to something with more grunt, lighting and some more stuff needs to happen when the car explodes but it'd be great to have some serious critique or advice, Thanks.
  5. SaintEfan, Thanks that helped a lot and really put things into perspective
  6. some titles for a childrens show, i know the music doesn't suit very well
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