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  1. Thats where i saw it too.... Cool stuff
  2. Just heard of Point Grey cameras.... ? http://ww2.ptgrey.com/ They work in RGBD and have a depth pass... Wanna look into creating some cool effects with them but wondered if anybody here had any experience first?
  3. Say for example i wanted to create an effect much like Silly String, does anyone know how i could go about this? I want it to emit from one location and then form a pile on the floor I'm thinking some kind of emittor that emits a soft body spline? Is this complex?
  4. Thanks to everyone that gave me feedback when i asked for it before, i now have the final edit of my reel so thought i would share with you guys: http://www.vectormeldrew.com/motion-reel-2011/ http://vimeo.com/25708331
  5. I kind of like the idea of not putting contact details on, i mean 9/10 they are on a page with a link and it's more likely they are going to looking for info and click a button rather than looking at the text and then re-typing it into a browser/email message intrigued by the way you think 'old school guys' might see it as a 'newbie' thing though.... as i wouldn't want to send that message to those guys....
  6. good point http://vimeo.com/25413184/ pass: 123 unfinished so feedback is welcome
  7. Just wondered if anybody on here would be up for doing some critique on my forthcoming reel? Really want to get it perfect and would appreciate any input from you guys Asked the same question on twitter and had some good responses....
  8. Say i have a cloner object, with numerous clones, each of which has a texture on it that is a piece of video, i want each of these videos to start one at a time, normally i would think you would use the 'Time Offset' on the Step cloner but this doesnt seem to to work, does anyone have any alternative suggestions? thanks in advance
  9. saw the video, didn't realise there were source files! Will be checking these out when i get a sec, great link thanks
  10. After The Monkey brought to my attention the creative uses of Xbox Kinect hacking in this thread ... it got me thinking.... I wanna look into it more and have a play around and maybe think about using it for an experimental project Just wondering if anybody else here is already looking into this ? .. or if not, up for learning about it with me - as i think it's something best not tackled alone! At current i looking at stuff like this for info: http://kinecthacks.net/ http://nicolas.burrus.name/index.php/Research/KinectRgbDemoV4?from=Research.KinectRgbDemoV3 http://www.flight404.com/blog/?p=472 Anyone up for researching together and maybe collaborating?
  11. So i bought the Greyscale Gorilla HDRI studio and light kit, and playing around trying to create a very reflective realistic scene. Just wondering what is achievable in terms of realistic/reflective/metallic shiny renders Would be really interested to see the results from people on this board and to hear how they achieved them? ( Not necessary with the pack but with C4D in general. )
  12. good suggestion but i'm using Sub-Polygon displacement Displace deformed doesn't support that
  13. After i have used a displacement map material is there any way to convert this to a mesh/geometry so that i don't have to render to preview?
  14. Thanks for answering, interested to hear your response Either really just need a solution that's not very time consuming as it needs to be repeated
  15. yeah i normally find frame rate or aspect ratio is the problem
  16. If i had a grid of images (similar to the one below) Is there any EASY way to get them to flicker and change to a different image, one after the other?
  17. is there a good way to create a wire/string kind of effect in C4D? I.e. have 2 points A+B and whenever u move the objects there is a piece of wire between them that moves realistically i tried using connectors and soft body dynamics but it's quite problematic. I could use a series of loads of connectors but it may end up looking more like a chain any ideas?
  18. doesn't seem to do the trick for some reason
  19. So i have these lights inside balls but i don't want the light to effect the actual ball, so i can see the material of the ball like below: I've tried a few settings with the compositing tag but nothing seems to work. Sure it's pretty easy but can't seem to do it Anyone know how?
  20. So here's one for any After Effects guru's, i have around 500 layers like this: However i want them to be like this: There must be a shortcut to do this rather than repositioning every single layer one by one?
  21. ha!, to be honest i'm not a real Bristolian, i'm a Londoner who live there for 5/6 years, but has recently made the move back to London. Should prob change those details! thanks very much though
  22. I RTFM and now i am enlightened! Took me a while as it wasn't in the printed manual i got (like most things arent')
  23. Stupid question maybe but just had a look and couldn't find the right section? Not having an index makes it harder, any idea whereabouts? I am wondering how to do it in C4D. I have applied the time track by 'ADD SPECIAL TRACKS > TIME TRACKS' however can't work out how to actually make it controll stuff
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