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    Freelance designer/director. <br /> Illustration, After Effects and Cinema 4D. <br /> Based in London.
  1. It's a tricky one because Mograph is a pretty standard term now days. I guess mograph.net almost certainly is a part of the reason it is such a general term. I mean Maxon use it extensively right? I don't want to be a dick and say you shouldn't be annoyed but I can see both sides. There were certainly some interesting reactions on Twitter. Not least Albert Osmoss. For me I'm not sure the mograph.com release video struck a good note. Some have said it was meant to be ironic but it didn't resonate with me.
  2. Hey, Here's a thread which from memory covers the subject pretty well:
  3. My first response was, 'maybe you shouldn't be doing this'. I never really have creative block, I never have enough time to explore 20% of what I want to do. There's always something to try. But then I thought about me playing with Ableton and I have the exact same problem in reverse. I just doddle off in some direction and get stuck in an unproductive loop. I end up thinking 'man but if I really was a master it'd be fine.' But I pretty much agree with the artist formerly known as Binky. Having a specific goal is key. It's not about the technique and never has been. It's about ideas and communication. But I think you have to just be happy with the fact that it will take you while to get happy with what you're making. It will start off a bit rubbish. If you follow tutorials it will look ok but will have no 'you' in it and be similarly unsatisfying.
  4. Today is your lucky day! 'set matte' in effects
  5. I've got a 4K Open EXR sequence I'm comping in AE. In CC2015 RAM preview playback isn't at realtime unless the viewer is at 25%. Where as in CC2014 it plays correctly. Is this just 'a thing' or am I missing something?
  6. https://www.teamviewer.com/en/has been recommended and is free. Haven't tried it myself.
  7. pConnector is good http://tcastudios.com/?p=90 or drop your Ubertracer into a mospline in spline mode
  8. Image sequences that don't take forever to import!!!
  9. Quite a few people download my vids and post them on Youtube. I don't really mind if they credit me. I did have one woman who got angry with me because I asked her to take it down. It's true in a way that imitation is the purest form of flattery, it's generally only the good stuff gets copied.
  10. Here's one way https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1830495/Poly.c4d.zip
  11. Seems legit, he's got a t-shirt that says AE Genius. But it is kind of worrying that motion graphics has got to the point where anyone would bother to try this.
  12. Houdini you can of course. Not seen in C4D
  13. Sorry to hear you're going Todd. Best of luck with whatever you do next
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