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  1. So here's the problem.


    I'm trying to build a roller coaster track, but I run into problems whenever I try to build a corkscrew or a loop.


    I'm joining a bunch of splines together, then I'm going to clone the track geometry onto the spline. (I'm not dealing with the rail spline or banking yet, just the path of the track)


    I need the helix spline to run in a straight line at the beginning and at the end of the spline, but curve in the middle. I can get one or the other (by adjusting the Height Bias to 0% or 100%), but not both.


    I've tried adjusting individual points (always looks like crap), creating a spline from scratch (still crap), formula spline (no idea what I'm doing with that), and using a deformer on 3/4 of a circle spline. I can't seem to get anything to work.



    Any ideas?

  2. It's really a trade-off. College gives you connections and some kind of credibility, but it also gives you a shit-ton of debt.


    I'm entirely self taught (spent 4-5 years locked in my room in front of my computer), and I'm finding it very difficult to get a full-time job. I've interned, and gotten random freelance gigs, but I still need a part-time job to make ends meet. I feel like at least a little bit of that problem is that I don't have a degree.


    I also feel like people who are self-taught tend to understand things way more than those who are formally educated. Maybe because it requires a lot of passion and discipline to do it entirely on your own. I'm definitely not any kind of mograph genius, but I interned at a studio, and the intern next to me was getting his masters, and I could tell I knew waaay more than he did.


    In retrospect, instead of getting a useless degree, I would've at least gotten a degree in graphic design. A lot of jobs (at least entry-level) require you have a degree.

  3. So I'm rigging a car (for my own shits and giggles, not a job).


    And I want to use Xpresso entirely (no Dynamics).


    Calculating the rotation or distance is easy enough. But only in a straight line.


    Anybody know the math, or can point me in the right direction to solve distance/position when the cars wheels (heading) are turning.



  4. What's the best way to solve this problem?


    In compositing, I'll add a blur or RSMB to a precomped object buffer, and the background of the composition starts to show through along the edges of the Object Buffer.


    I could add a choker, but then I get black outlines around the Object Buffer when it's not being blurred. (And animating the choker on/off throughout would be annoying)


    The other solution is to dupe the Object buffer, and remove the blur on the bottom layer. So everything is blurred, but the edges are not.


    Is there a better solution to this?


    Mucho gracias.

  5. This took me a few minutes, but this should work.


    (The slider needs to be converted to a string. You can't add integers to strings. So the number has to be converted. Hence "toString")



    num = thisComp.layer("Null 1").effect("Slider Control")("Slider");


    brack1 = "[";

    brack2 = "]";

    brack1 + n + brack2




    Can someone fill me in on why a single value slider needs an index? ( [0] ) ? Mylenium?



    P.S. If you only want integers, replace the second line with this:



  6. This is a problem I can't seem to figure out. (Ignore the shitty looking arrow)


    If you look at the image, I'm cloning spheres on to 3 different splines. (I'm using 3 different cloners and 3 different spline effectors on each spline to create a "running lights" effect. This effect isn't the problem)


    The problem is getting the lights/spheres to line up properly. Each spline offsets the spheres slightly (especially around a curve/corner) because I'm using 3 different sized splines. I've tried using the spline effector offset, but that doesn't really work.


    Any help would be appreciated.









  7. I have a rope that drops down (using spline dynamics), and I'm attaching a helix to the end of the rope with Xpresso (Point node linked to Helix Position).


    Everything is all fine and dandy, the position sticks, but how do I get the rotation of the helix to match the rotation of the Rope Spline.


    I'm assuming I'm going about this the wrong way.

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