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  1. Angular damping under the Force Tab on the Dynamics body tag.
  2. When working with splines, I suggest switching to the Front view, and turn on grid snapping.
  3. I have a Bamboo tablet. Is there a way to turn off the automatic left click when I touch the pen to the tablet?
  4. Why not just duplicate the Motext? One is Let's, the other is Go. Have them both be affected by the same plain effector.
  5. I think at one point I was also limiting the height of the particles, so if the particles were born beyond a certain y position, they would automatically die. So you don't get particles going over the tube. Doing the whole "tire in mud" effect. By the way, this guy's vimeo channel is awesome. He's got all kinds of TP experiments/effects I haven't seen before. https://vimeo.com/ederer
  6. I was also trying to figure this out. It may not be exact but it's pretty close. (I forget the reason I have two particle groups)
  7. You'll probably need Realflow. Although here's Yader's quick tip for a similar soft body effect.
  8. This looks like Plexus, a plugin for After Effects. One way to go about it in C4D, is to clone cubes on to a platonic primitive (at the vertices). Then use a tracer object on the cloner, set to "connect all objects." You can get those thin lines by adding a hair render tag to the tracer.
  9. I'm trying to emit thinking particles from all the clones in a cloner object. Or how do I just iterate through a cloner using Xpresso? Mucho Gracias.
  10. This is rad. But I have a real stupid question. Do I need the Xbox to do this, or just the Kinect?
  11. You can also change the type of Shading. Quick Shading or Lines helps. And if my scene is really hairy, I'll move some elements (objects without a shitload of geometry, or the camera) to a new document, and animate them there.
  12. I'm not dealing with the client directly. It's through a small film company. I don't have to record the VO, I just have to deal with the animation. And it's for one of those broadcast or live musician headphones. And yeah, there's 30 seconds of material.
  13. It looks like I might be doing an animation on how to insert an earphone. It should be 30 seconds long, and I'll probably be doing it in 3D. What would you guys charge for something like this? 2D? 3D? (this is only my second freelance gig)
  14. throb36

    Breaking Bad

    The show makes me nervous. Love it.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only PC guy here.
  16. Will it add the letterbox black bars?
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