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  1. You can create the text with the Spline shader in the displacement channel.. If you want it animated, I would create the text animating in After Effects, and use the video as a texture in C4D. If you want a bevel/falloff, blur the text.
  2. That would be my guess. Animated Displacement maps. The plane's gotta have A LOT of geometry.
  3. Make sure your image is rated "G".
  4. Well, if we're on the road of plugins. Also check out DPIT Effex. Also does flames/fluid simulations.
  5. How about you just model a flame, and then use a random effector as a deformer to animate it.
  6. Nice model! Lots of detail.
  7. I'd animate it by hand. I'm assuming this isn't a super serious piece if you're having a a ball bounce. Why not add some squash and stretch and give it a little bit of a comic effect.
  8. I think the problem is that Pyrocluster kinda sucks.
  9. BTW, Base80's tuts are AWESOME. There's a lot of techniques on there that nobody else covers. Plus I'd rather spend 5-10 minutes learning a technique, than spending hours making something someone else has already made.
  10. This is rad. I'm in the same boat as you. Trying to teach myself design, as well.
  11. A clamp constraint will keep the wheels from intersecting with the ground. Any chance you can post the file?
  12. I can watch this repeatedly and still laugh my ass off.
  13. Is there a list somewhere of common blending modes for Render passes in After effects?
  14. Why not just use Soft Body dynamics on the rope, instead of using spline dynamics? Avoid Xpresso all together. If you keep everything soft/rigid bodies, I feel like you could get it to work. I've done the letter drop down thing with letters and chains before.
  15. Backwards is definitely cool. And different.
  16. Where can I get the advanced atom array?
  17. You can change the axis to the center in After Effects. Right click on Anchor point, and click edit value. You can change it by Pixels, Inches, MM, or Percent. A 50% / 50% should put the anchor point smack in the middle.
  18. Ugh, too early for me. To get the object axis in exactly where you want it, Structure->Axis Center.
  19. Is this possible with Mograph? Say I have a text object with Polyfx and a Plain Effector. Is there a way to have the Polygons rotate on a different axis? Besides the center?
  20. Use the object axis tool to change the anchor point. The object has to be editable, though. (It's on the left side of the standard workspace, below the model tool). To merge two shapes, you can select both, right click -> and "Connect and Delete." Or you could just drop both both in a null object. I'm assuming you're asking about how to do it in Cinema 4D.
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