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  1. he everybody, Got a question: I got a car following a spline, and would like to have the steering-wheel rotating automatically in the right direction. Anyone got some tips and trics? thanks! Yori
  2. Hello Everybody, Does anybody know if there is a way to connect different objects (from a cloner) trace connect to one centre object. So not with eachother, but all to one. thanks!
  3. he all, I wonder if any one of you knows exactly how to pull this trick off: I'm specially intrested in the 3d camera-morph at 2.22Min for example. Right now playing around with some camera-mapping in C4d. got two stills exported and took them apart in PS. But having problems with filling the background between the stills and converting the rider in 3d. Can anyone point me in the right direction to pull this off..? Thanks a lot!! Yori van Gerven
  4. Haha game on! Would be great to work together, if you need me let me know! And thanks for your imput. cheers!
  5. he guys, first of all, thanks for your reactions! really appreciate it. This is for me exactly the reason, why I've putted my reel here. Getting some Real feedback from people in the business and then adjust it. Before I'm even planning to get this reel out, searching for interns.. I understand your point killkillakillyo. I'm really thankful for those guys, putting energy in getting those tuts out there. Making it possible to learn cool shit, for beginners like me. So all the credit goes to them! (As you might have seen at my vimeo-site, i am giving them all the credits..) If it is too obvious, a part came from a tut, I'll take that as a good tip/critique! Like Aaron Scott said, by saying I'm a 'self-student', I mend I didn't went to a design school to learn it. But I do grab on to everything that helps me learning this business. That's the reason why they put those tuts out there in the first place I guess.. If it's sounds confusing, saying i learned it myself, then there's another good tip for me;) So thanks guys for your critique, hopefully there will be some more!
  6. Thanks man! yeah that's true, some 'real-life' projects would add something more. I'm gonna search even harder now for an internship! Well thanks for the good words, appreciate it!
  7. he everybody, Here goes nothing I guess; I just finished my first reel as a "self-student" for motion design. And I'm ready for some critique! I made this reel so I can start searching for an intern-ship as motion designer. And learn from the best... So please fire your guns at this piece! Let me know if you like it, and more important, what could be better. http://www.vimeo.com/14460136 thanks already, Yori van Gerven
  8. YEAH thanks destro!! looks like it's working...maybe I'm cheering too early, just got 50 frames out and it's all working fine.. but I'll let you know Got any idea why this worked..? is it a cinema thing, or a processor thing..? thanks a lot!
  9. he Stoiqa, thanks for looking in to it! but that's not it.. this little switch fould me once though I was thinking, that it also might be a RAM issue. or a computer issue in general, because I'm definitely not running on one of the fastest... cheers
  10. he everybody, first of all thanks to you all! I started with cinema about 6 months ago, and I've learned A LOT here! It's been a great help. But now I came across a problem and couldn't find any solution on the net... This is it; I've got a couple of cloned cubes falling down.. in the cloner there are about 10 cubes with different textures. Each textures is animated; I've putted a couple of .mov's in the luminance channel. Now the problem is that when i render, all the textures turn black after an x-number of frames. ones after the 50th frame and the next time after the 8th frame (for example). I know it should work in those specific frames, because when I render them single the textures are working fine... I'm really hoping that someone could tell me what the problem could be. thanks!
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