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  1. Drazen

    Elements of Design

    hello chips, really nice work, stylized and smooth! congrats!
  2. Hello scott_sp, thanx for your comment, really appreciate it and I'm glad you like it, enjoy, Drazen
  3. Hello all, I finally finished my motion graphics and animation showreel, as well as my new site, so feel free to comment all, at this moment still working on my compositing showreel as I decided I will split my work on specific areas, hope you like it, enjoy, Drazen
  4. Drazen

    Intro sequence

    Hello mooschool, I'm a bit late on the answer, but I didn't see your comment earlier, I really appreciate it! It's always great to hear a word, and for sure it's a very helpful one, thanx! Would remember it on some other job, enjoy
  5. Drazen

    Intro sequence

    thanx I'm glad! and the answer is yes and no, some small work was done in ae but all other stuff in fusion, love it, and you can't compare ae's s.5D space with fusion's real 3D space
  6. Drazen

    Intro sequence

    ------------------------------------ Design: Maksimilijan Gečević Animation: Drazen Zeljković Additional animation: Tomislav Belačić ------------------------------ format: fullHD year: 2013 Hello all, here's the intro sequence I did few months ago, after first meetings with clients, we made the concept and some of the first sketches, after this result and a lots of work, client was not so satisfied, and wanted to make tons of changes, but we decided to upload this directors cu version of the sequence as we like it better there was also more stuff to make, like make text layers witk some nice animations, some cleanup etc. so I hope you like it, and feel free to leave the comment thanx
  7. Drazen

    Yimbo Reel 2013

    that's really sweet man! fresh and tasty! great to see a reel like that! hit us with more of your work in future!
  8. For a long time, our inventors were just a static illustrations on paper, and every time we looked at them, they called us to bring them to life again, so here they are! Only one minute of magic is enough to bring some happy history into our fast life's. There's so much love, effort and hard work in this animation, just to make our history alive again! We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did while making the animation, and if there's a smile on your face, there's no better award for us. Enjoy! ILLUSTRATION: Lana Hudina ANIMATION: Dražen Zeljković CAST (in order of appearance): Ruđer Bošković Nikola Tesla Antu(o)n Lučić Faust Vrančić Ivan Vukić Josip Belušić Eduard Slavoljub Penkala format: fullHD year: 2013
  9. Drazen

    recent work

    very nice! thanx man!
  10. Drazen

    recent work

    hello, really nice piece of work, strange look that I really like, and really fluid motion, how many hours did you spend on this one? what software did you use for animation and rendering? also compositing, thanx
  11. thanx guys for your comments, we are really glad you like it! making of video perfectly explains all stages from production to postproduction, and we really put a huge amount of work in all, glad that you see it, thanx!
  12. Hello all, This is the intro sequence for "Landsfareren", a TV show about two Norwegians traveling the Norwegian countryside. The creative idea was to turn four famous Norwegian paintings and landscapes into real miniature models, that would then become the set for an unusual creative mix between classic stop motion animation (in conjunction with green screen footage) and digital compositing. Make sure to check out the making of video as well: Credits: Direction and set modeling: Julian Vargas Compositing: Drazen Zeljkovic Music: Gaute Tønder Sound FX: Rune Baggerud Producer: Alice Sommer Client: TV3 Norway
  13. Drazen


    hello all, here's a new music video I directed, edited and did all of the wireframe animations, animations and comp were made in eyeon's fusion, 3d space, it was shot on weisscam, and graded in scratch, on vimeo page, there are all the credits from the crew, hope you'll enjoy it! thanx, Drazen http://vimeo.com/38617633
  14. Drazen

    new work

    Hello all! here is some of my new work that I have been working on recently, postproduction for a music video, and the intro sequence for a documentary series, hope you like it, comments are welcome! http://vimeo.com/28231150 http://vimeo.com/29811899 Drazen
  15. Hello all, here is a new music video that I have been working on, and some breakdown video hope you'll enjoy it! Drazen
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